Princes and Princess

Today I had the privilege to take some of my ministry kids out for lunch and movie. It was a actually a prize they choose from scoring huge amounts of points at this years Vacation Bible School.
Yes, I know that was a long time ago. In my defense there was not a good kid movie in theaters that I felt would be appropriate for me to take my kids to. But finally there has been a few that had good possibilities. I chose Tangled.
So like any good Children’s minister I took them out to Mc Donald’s for happy meals and chocolate chip cookies. Oh yea it was a hit. They all loved their happy meals and were amazingly appreciative to me and church for holding up our part of the prize and not forgetting.
After filling their bellies with french fries. We made our way to the theater to see Disney’s “Tangled”. Of course we had to get kid popcorns and slushies yum! We entered the theater one of the girls said “awesome were the only ones here this cool!”. Eventually few others came in. But to them it was a private showing with friends and SNACKS!
The movie was great we laughed we cried and ate popcorn. Could it get better than this? When the movie was over all the kids thanked me numerous times for everything. It was obvious to me that this would be a day they remembered for years to come.
As I reflect on the day it’s neat to think that I was able to make the kids feel special almost like Princes and Princesses. You know the really cool thing is that some times the simplest things in life can make people happy.(usually easer with kids than adults. There’s a lesson there too.) What I did was just small in comparison to the things that God can do for us.
I know that I forget a lot of times that I am a child of the King of kings and Lord of lords. I get so tangled in all of life’s pressures and challenges that I loose site of what is really important… our relationship to God.
He is our provider for everything. In John 10:10The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. With God our lives can be greater than we ever imagined. We need to remember when life gets hairy and we get all tangled up that God is there for us with His wonderful haling powers. He hears our cries and will answer because we are Princes and Princess of the true King!

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