Fountain Jerk

Back in the day a fountain jerk was someone who would take fountain soda orders and fill them. They were kind of like a bar tender for sodas. You could order all kinds of specially flavored drinks. Though they weren’t all that popular I do remember going to two places when I was little to have a fountain soda my favorite was Cherry Coke or a Vanilla Coke. I don’t remember much about it but I do remember it being a special treat.

This past weekend I had another special treat. I was at a conference at Disney World, FL. The last day I was in Fl. my wife and I went to Downtown Disney. After having a nice afternoon we headed for the bus stop, but before we could leave we had to stop and get some gummy candy for Chrissy and a Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar for me.
 There is nothing like a Mickey bar! So we took our treats and headed to the bus stop before we reached the stop we took a rest on a bench in front of a dancing fountain. This in one of those fountains that water springs up from holes in the ground and each time you’re not sure where it will come from. It’s a fun surprise for everyone. So we sat and talked eating out goodies as kids challenged running through the fountain without being hit with a stream of water.
I watched as one boy about 10 or 11 who had been caught by surprise with the water. Stood in the middle daring the fountain to get him. Other kids ran through the fountain hopping and jumping giggling when they would get wet. This boy was no different he stood in the middle of the dancing water when all the holes sprang up water at the same time the kids ran and squealed with joyful delight.
 As the boy was standing on the outer rim of the fountain with a huge smile on his face waiting for the right moment to dodge the squirts of water. A hand landed on his shoulder and pulled him to the side. As I watched the man with his hand resting on the boys arm the smile ran away from his face the joy melted form his countenance. The man was obviously telling him that he needed to think about what he was doing and that he shouldn’t be fooling around getting wet.
The man obviously his father told him to sit on the bench away from the fountain and think about his actions. He slowly turned and walked with head hung in shame and embarrassment. The father watch until he was satisfied that the boy was going to follow though with his command and turned and went back in a store to finish his business. This guy was a real fountain Jerk spoiling his kid’s fun. Who was he hurting? He was just a little damp on his shirt and it the warm sun would dry in no time. I was a bit angry.
The boy sat there what seemed like hours to me and I’m sure to him too. His new friends looking around for him he gained his composure and looked up. Sadness filled is eyes and disappointment that ran deep. He watched the other still playing as their parents cheered them on laughing with excitement as the water dance by them.
I watched as joy slowly broke thought the embarrassment as he watched his friend’s skip and dance. It was all okay that he wasn’t able to play but just to watch brought joy to his eyes.
At that moment tears welled up in my eyes I was whisked away back to a month ago when I was that fountain Jerk. Stressed, tried, worried, hungry yelling at my youngest to stay out of the very same water. Right then it all melted way from me and I saw who I was when I let the world around me cut me off from my joy. In that split second I realized that I stole and fun experience a memories that could have should have been made and treasured for years to come. God clobbered me my heart went out not only to this child but my kids too. Then to the father of this boy and me as a father.
We need to be careful not to get so wrapped up in the things of this world that can steal our joy our love our happiness. We need to remember all theses things will pass to treasure each and every moment you are blessed with. I’m not saying to not discipline or train your children but I am saying is take a quick evaluation and step back before you become a fountain jerk.
My heart was turned towards the father by a child to see my sin and repent.
Malachi 4:6 He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”
Be careful listen to your heart and to the father above remember James 1:19  My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

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