Just thinking

The other day I was talking to a friend and had realized that it’s been a while that I have sat down and worked on my blog. So today is the day.
I was trying to figure out why it was that I have not written and then it kinda hit me. I’ve been so busy that I have not made it a priority. I have been working day and night. For those of you who know me might say yeah so? But over the last 4 weeks I have been moving our Children’s ministry to a new location, redecorating it, then starting a new lesson series. We then had a chili cook-off and a dedication of our new worship area. Lets see normal family stuff plus some extra stresses of finances. Turning the page in life with another birthday and the list goes on and on.
Looking at this I breath deep and slouch in my chair and say I’m tired! It’s not that sleepy tired either it’s the kind of tired that you say “Lord, Jesus how long will you take?” it’s a tiredness of the spirit. This is beyond physical and way beyond emotional. This is area that I think of that poem footprints was written about. It’s a humbling place to be. I’m glad my God is so big that he can handle anything that comes my way.
You see I’m in a place where God is teaching me what it means to depend on Him to supply all my needs spiritually. You might say duh that’s what He’s good at. Yeah, I know but you see we actually turn to God for our physical needs and emotional needs quicker than spiritual. Think about it when we pray we are so quick to ask for the obvious things money food things then help with those who are hurting but we don’t highlight the need to be crucified with Christ or ask God to help us to understand that or help me die to my selfish ambitions so I can be free to follow you.
It’s not easy to seek God in this way consistently. When I became a Christian I never thought I needed to die to my hopes and dreams to receive the blessings God has for me.  Just didn’t click. I understood the death burial and resurrection in head knowledge but when you get it in your heart and follow that way you’re not the same ever.
I find myself watching God move in people’s lives and the well of the spirit starts to flow down my cheeks. My Honduran friends say this is the Holy Spirit overflowing. I like that it makes me not feel like such a goofball. It’s so cool to watch God move and truly be happy for the person God is blessing. In this I find myself blessed and encouraged.
I’m finding that it can go the other way too. When the poor and underprivileged are abused or taken advantage of or if something is a roadblock to God’s Holy Spirit It kills you. I’m not a radical or even close but if God’s people really stood up for those who need an advocate this world would change.
Arron Chambers said this in his book Eats with Sinners “This world will be changed when Christians resolve to make life, help, hope, peace, joy, truth, and love more accessible.” (pg32)
Basically if we take care of each other instead we look out for number one and choose to ignore the fact that everything we have belongs to God and we are just entrusted to be stewards of it. I’m not saying that we can’t have things but we need to be open to Gods Spirit to use what we have and our resources to help our brothers and sisters.
I was asked how much to give? Till it hurts or till I have nothing left? I say till God says that’s enough. We need to really remember that the more we are given the more responsibility we have to give account for what we did with it. I would want to be on the side of being very generous with the blessings I have been entrusted with. Matthew 25 yikes!!
So… I’m under the broom tree sitting (1 kings 19:1-9 ) and I’m being cared for.  I thank God that He knows what is coming next because if I knew I might not be so willing to make the journey.
So I take a deep breath and slump down and thank Jesus for everything.
Just thinking… 

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