No this is not the first of my blog challenge post. Hang in there it’s coming, I promise! This is just a pre-blog thought I had and wanted to share it.

I often find myself looking around noticing that God does amazing things.

Sometimes, I scratch my head, and I wonder if it’s possible that some of the things happing around us could be connected? When I ask God to show me what’s going on, He reveals the answer in a way that seems so magical but obvious. He shows me the connection. Some may say this is a coincidence, but if I’m being honest, these coincidences happen way too often for me to not believe there’s something bigger going on.

All this to say, perhaps God is pulling something together, and just maybe it has something to do with us. God wants us to understand that He is with us, and I think we need consistent reminders that God has been with us, is with us and will continue to be with us.

God was with us as a human named Jesus. He lived here on this earth, and guess what? He is still is with us now as believers in Christ through the Holy Spirit.  Friends, it doesn’t stop there. God will be with us to the end of the age and beyond. (Matthew 28:20)

This is what I’m thinking, as I share my experiences about Emmanuel (God with us), I’ll also share the rabbit trails that arise during the week that connect to the post. I believe that most times these extra connections are confirmations of what I’m asking God about. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Today, I was reading a friend’s blog (click here, to check it out!), and there it was! Close to the end of her post were these words, “God is with us.” And it’s more than just the words that make a connection to my blog challenge. The post itself seemed to be a direct encouragement to move forward with this challenge I have for myself this year.

Here is what I’m proposing; I would love for you to join me as I step forward into writing again. I would also love to hear any experiences you see in your life that connect to any of my blog posts. In addition, I’d love to hear about the things God’s doing in your life. I want to hear how God is connecting things for you, or how He’s encouraging you to take a step in your walk with Him. So, please don’t be a silent reader! Speak out—you just might be a connection that someone else needs to see where God wants them.

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