Is anyone out there?

Wow, I posted this blog on my facebook and I also sent out a letter to let friends and fam know that were going to Honduras this summer for a mission trip. I needed to let everyone know b/c were trying to raise money to go. I’ve been asking God to bless this for us but I have only heard back from one person. I so appreciate that response! Just knowing they got the letter and read it was so encouraging.
As of right now I don’t doubt that the funds will come in. I know that God wants my family to go on this mission. He has surrounded us with signs that point us to this belief and some others have seen them too. I’m struggling with knowing that others have read what we wrote. We know that they may not be able to give and that is okay! It’s our hope that they will ask God to supply what is needed for us to go. Knowing that others in your circle are lifting you up in prayer is so encouraging.
If anyone reads this and can pray for our family and our mission trip let us know that you’re praying please.
This past weekend we made the first financial commitment to the mission this was about 8% of the over all amount needed to be raised in the next two months. It definitely was a sacrifice for our family but it will be so worth it. We have many fund raising ideas and are in the process of making plans.
Please share this blog with friends and family so they may be encouraged and blessed by what God is doing and will be doing over the next few months! Adios


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