Off to the DR

Okay, well I didn’t expect to be the team leader for this trip when Josh asked if I would go on the youth mission trip. He needed another male on the trip over 18 and asked if I would go. Well with not much hesitation I said sure. That was about 6 months ago. After that all was good great even the kids raised amazing amounts of money for the trip and all was good that was until last night. Last night Josh went to the hospital. He found out he had some issues that would require further treatment. This was bad news because he would not be able to lead the trip to the Dominican. So the final call came this morning the day before we leave I was to take the team and lead them. So here we go on a new adventure God never stops amazing me! He has brought everything together. Theres more to the story that will be shared at a later date. For now were off on a mission trip to take the Gospel to people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus! Please Pray for me and our team and Josh too.
Watch for daily updates when I can.

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