Here we go off to Honduras

It doesn’t seem possible last year at this time I was still in the air traveling here. I wondered what God would have in store for Ben and I. Little did I think that I would be back in Honduras let alone bringing my entire family. When I told Rick K that if I came back it would be with everyone I had just hoped that God would allow me to be so blessed. Chrissy and I Prayed and asked for Gods leading as with all my ideas that I get. I felt everyone we told thought we were crazy! Not to mention depending on God for the finances of this trip. God has knocked down every barrier that has came our way. So praise God he is good!
On our way out to the air port is started to rain no big deal but as our trip continued the storm got progressively worse. It was truly a spectacular display of lightning! The rain was hard the visibility was little to non but Rick kept going it seemed like every few seconds we would hit a puddle of water making a big bang. Hail was falling a few times trough the night it seemed that something want to discourage us from making it on time. We left at 11:30 PM we needed to be in Indianapolis at 4:15AM. We hoped to sleep but that was not going to be easy for some of as. We made it to the airport around 4 am with time to spare. We met up with the other and handed in our passports when Dennis discovered his missing. It was at home we called Rick who had already left to come back and get him. We worked out all the details so he could make it to Honduras a day late. No big deal. W
We arrived in Honduras only to find out we lost a suitcase we waited for a long time to get the paper work everyone was out waiting on us. we got through only to discover our suitcase and Denny’s Missing. So we had to go back in and Praise god he Found it with in Minuets. We were off!
I will leave you with this. Later we found out the Rick was growing very tired and needed a rest from driving so Denis took over. Dennis was the only one who had a bus license be sides Rick. Rick I don’t believe would have rested. Everything happens for a reason cant wait for tomorrow!

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