Day 4 in Honduras 09

Tonight I can honesty say I have reached the point of beyond tired. It was a great day but it was hot! I heard 110° who really knows though. I just know it was Hot! We handed out over 100 food boxes. I know that I did at least that many balloons and Clark did too. Today was a very special day for Chrissy and I, we were able to get to know Clark and Mary Kay a lot better while on the bus ride it was great to share with someone with a like beliefs and who is in ministry too. About a year ago Clark took on a new Job for WCN and has been walking in faith that God would provide all his needs. He raises all his support for his position. Clark is in charge of the disaster relief. He and Mary Kay are a big encouragement to what God can do if you commit yourself totally to Him. I’m thankful for them and their friendship!
The first distribution went like clock work. After we were all packed up we ate lunch at the church. We had extra time for some of the kids to play with them and talk. Chrissy was amazing! I look out in the yard and there she was playing tag with 10 kids running around. Yes in the heat. She also led the kids in two rousing games of in the water out of the water. The kids loved it and her. I just love watching as she scurried around to find prizes for the winner of the game. It was also neat to see her compassion for the kids. They would want to take something home to a brother or sister she wouldn’t let them leave until she found something.
Tori painted little girls nails as they jabbered in Spanish to her. She was so cute. Si and Jonah have made so many friends too. There are doing so good. Jonah was asked if he would come back by a little boy. I think he is struggling with how to answer these type questions, as do I.
The high light was at the second stop I was trying to keep up with an ever-growing line of kids wanting balloons. I was getting so tired I was ready call it quits. But we were only half way done with handing out the boxes. That is when this lady came up next me and pulled my balloon pump out of my bag. This is no big surprise this happens all the time then she started going through my bag, which is over my shoulder. I had a balloon in my hands and wasn’t able to do anything but I felt like God was saying just relax so I did. She pulled out a balloon and stared to figure out how to pump it up. I have people try to get their own balloons all the time because they’re impatient. So she blew the balloon up and handed it to me and as I was twisting it she reaches in my bag and gets another balloon out and blows it up and watches for me to tell her when it was full enough. She looked at me and wanted to help by inflating the balloons as I made the various things for the kids. I was so humbled! I was able to continue until our time was up. I thanked her a number of time but she was so happy to help! It was an incredible moment.
I can’t wait for tomorrow for God to teach me more.

Day three God is just amazing!

All right day three is coming to an end. Today was the first day of distributions we stared by going to the warehouse this was a new location. Things were a mess! But the team pulled together and did their best to make sure we had what we needed. This seemed to be a bit of a challenge but it all worked out in the end we had 100 boxes to hand out 40+ in the morning and 50+ in the afternoon. Our villages that we went to were about 1 hour away. But because of the bad roads it took longer or so it seemed. When we arrived the people were already there and waiting for the service to start. Clark gave his testimony it was very good and the love of Christ was shared as well as the God’s plan of salvation. At the end of the service the people were told to welcome us and to do it quickly! At that moment were we rushed by open arms of Hondurans giving blessings and hugs. The love and joy in their eyes was amazing. I guess I will never get use to how they can have so much whit so little. I looked over my shoulder to see Chrissy and she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes and starting to stream down her cheeks. She said you didn’t tell me this would happen. She looked at Ben and said it again. She was so touched but the love the appreciation that she was overwhelmed. I know that she was thinking that she never ever had been greeted with such open arms and accepted like this back home. She now knew what I had experienced last year. I could do nothing but praise God for his love.
I would have to say this was my highlight of the day. The Kids were great I had tons of fun and with balloons and stickers but nothing compared to God love being poured on us. the afternoon was just as awesome as the morning Janet gave a great testimony! Chrissy and I got to go down the road to use the bono so we had had the opportunity to be in a home /market. It was not big at all. The mosquitoes are bad there so they have nets covering their beds. With all the standing water around to flush the toilet it was easy to see why they had that problem.
We did have another surprise on the way back home some boys had found a Boa Constrictor and were holding up by the road. We stop for the photo opt. It was dead but Si got off the bus and had to touch it. He was ecstatic!
I can’t believe how God just uses you and blesses you when you come to him with no reservations. Just willing to go. I’m reminded of Isaiah in chapter 6 when God asks who should I send? And he replied send me I will go. When we go for God he has a habit of showing up to do amazing things!

Day 2 in Honuras

Boy am I tired it’s a good feeling though. Today the team went to church in El Progresso we were some of the first to arrive. But it didn’t take long for the room to fill. The service was great the songs that were sung were a lot of ones we do back home. Just in Spanish. Right away I felt like I was in the presents of God. I felt whisked to place that I missed and had be longing for. Its not that I don’t worship or spend time with God this is an indescribable feeling; that only when you stand in Gods presence do you understand. The sermon was great it was about crucifying the old man or your old ways after you have come to Christ. The service was very conservative but very relative. One of the neatest thing that happened was when the pastor asked all the youth and kids to come forward for prayer. We were praying for them to be bold and strong in their faith and resist temptation to return to the old ways before repentance. After the kids were up front the congregation was ask to come up and pray over them. In the middle, as we were being lead in prayer by the pastor. It was like God showed up the mic’s went dead the fans stopped all electric noise was gone just the sound of prayer was heard for the kids. it took about 5 minuets for someone one to flip something. But in that short time it was amazing to hear the passion, love, and the hope in the voices of the congregation for their kids. It was incredible!
After lunch we toured the orphanage and nutrition center here we saw before and after pictures of children who came through the center. Some were just mind blowing. The sad part is that I know that in our country we take better care of our pets than some of the babies I saw today. This is the result of not sharing Christ and the blessing God has entrusted us with. To whom much is given much is required.
I watch as my Silas spoon-fed one of the babies one of their meals it was very moving. I watched my wife do the same and the joy that appeared on her face was priceless! There is much work to be done here but it’s not anything that can be done with out God. We are so very blessed. God is so good I do hope my family can handle the responsibility of our blessing. Got to go God is going to do great things tomorrow in our first distributions

Here we go off to Honduras

It doesn’t seem possible last year at this time I was still in the air traveling here. I wondered what God would have in store for Ben and I. Little did I think that I would be back in Honduras let alone bringing my entire family. When I told Rick K that if I came back it would be with everyone I had just hoped that God would allow me to be so blessed. Chrissy and I Prayed and asked for Gods leading as with all my ideas that I get. I felt everyone we told thought we were crazy! Not to mention depending on God for the finances of this trip. God has knocked down every barrier that has came our way. So praise God he is good!
On our way out to the air port is started to rain no big deal but as our trip continued the storm got progressively worse. It was truly a spectacular display of lightning! The rain was hard the visibility was little to non but Rick kept going it seemed like every few seconds we would hit a puddle of water making a big bang. Hail was falling a few times trough the night it seemed that something want to discourage us from making it on time. We left at 11:30 PM we needed to be in Indianapolis at 4:15AM. We hoped to sleep but that was not going to be easy for some of as. We made it to the airport around 4 am with time to spare. We met up with the other and handed in our passports when Dennis discovered his missing. It was at home we called Rick who had already left to come back and get him. We worked out all the details so he could make it to Honduras a day late. No big deal. W
We arrived in Honduras only to find out we lost a suitcase we waited for a long time to get the paper work everyone was out waiting on us. we got through only to discover our suitcase and Denny’s Missing. So we had to go back in and Praise god he Found it with in Minuets. We were off!
I will leave you with this. Later we found out the Rick was growing very tired and needed a rest from driving so Denis took over. Dennis was the only one who had a bus license be sides Rick. Rick I don’t believe would have rested. Everything happens for a reason cant wait for tomorrow!