Day 2 in Honuras

Boy am I tired it’s a good feeling though. Today the team went to church in El Progresso we were some of the first to arrive. But it didn’t take long for the room to fill. The service was great the songs that were sung were a lot of ones we do back home. Just in Spanish. Right away I felt like I was in the presents of God. I felt whisked to place that I missed and had be longing for. Its not that I don’t worship or spend time with God this is an indescribable feeling; that only when you stand in Gods presence do you understand. The sermon was great it was about crucifying the old man or your old ways after you have come to Christ. The service was very conservative but very relative. One of the neatest thing that happened was when the pastor asked all the youth and kids to come forward for prayer. We were praying for them to be bold and strong in their faith and resist temptation to return to the old ways before repentance. After the kids were up front the congregation was ask to come up and pray over them. In the middle, as we were being lead in prayer by the pastor. It was like God showed up the mic’s went dead the fans stopped all electric noise was gone just the sound of prayer was heard for the kids. it took about 5 minuets for someone one to flip something. But in that short time it was amazing to hear the passion, love, and the hope in the voices of the congregation for their kids. It was incredible!
After lunch we toured the orphanage and nutrition center here we saw before and after pictures of children who came through the center. Some were just mind blowing. The sad part is that I know that in our country we take better care of our pets than some of the babies I saw today. This is the result of not sharing Christ and the blessing God has entrusted us with. To whom much is given much is required.
I watch as my Silas spoon-fed one of the babies one of their meals it was very moving. I watched my wife do the same and the joy that appeared on her face was priceless! There is much work to be done here but it’s not anything that can be done with out God. We are so very blessed. God is so good I do hope my family can handle the responsibility of our blessing. Got to go God is going to do great things tomorrow in our first distributions

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