Day three God is just amazing!

All right day three is coming to an end. Today was the first day of distributions we stared by going to the warehouse this was a new location. Things were a mess! But the team pulled together and did their best to make sure we had what we needed. This seemed to be a bit of a challenge but it all worked out in the end we had 100 boxes to hand out 40+ in the morning and 50+ in the afternoon. Our villages that we went to were about 1 hour away. But because of the bad roads it took longer or so it seemed. When we arrived the people were already there and waiting for the service to start. Clark gave his testimony it was very good and the love of Christ was shared as well as the God’s plan of salvation. At the end of the service the people were told to welcome us and to do it quickly! At that moment were we rushed by open arms of Hondurans giving blessings and hugs. The love and joy in their eyes was amazing. I guess I will never get use to how they can have so much whit so little. I looked over my shoulder to see Chrissy and she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes and starting to stream down her cheeks. She said you didn’t tell me this would happen. She looked at Ben and said it again. She was so touched but the love the appreciation that she was overwhelmed. I know that she was thinking that she never ever had been greeted with such open arms and accepted like this back home. She now knew what I had experienced last year. I could do nothing but praise God for his love.
I would have to say this was my highlight of the day. The Kids were great I had tons of fun and with balloons and stickers but nothing compared to God love being poured on us. the afternoon was just as awesome as the morning Janet gave a great testimony! Chrissy and I got to go down the road to use the bono so we had had the opportunity to be in a home /market. It was not big at all. The mosquitoes are bad there so they have nets covering their beds. With all the standing water around to flush the toilet it was easy to see why they had that problem.
We did have another surprise on the way back home some boys had found a Boa Constrictor and were holding up by the road. We stop for the photo opt. It was dead but Si got off the bus and had to touch it. He was ecstatic!
I can’t believe how God just uses you and blesses you when you come to him with no reservations. Just willing to go. I’m reminded of Isaiah in chapter 6 when God asks who should I send? And he replied send me I will go. When we go for God he has a habit of showing up to do amazing things!

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