Day 4 in Honduras 09

Tonight I can honesty say I have reached the point of beyond tired. It was a great day but it was hot! I heard 110° who really knows though. I just know it was Hot! We handed out over 100 food boxes. I know that I did at least that many balloons and Clark did too. Today was a very special day for Chrissy and I, we were able to get to know Clark and Mary Kay a lot better while on the bus ride it was great to share with someone with a like beliefs and who is in ministry too. About a year ago Clark took on a new Job for WCN and has been walking in faith that God would provide all his needs. He raises all his support for his position. Clark is in charge of the disaster relief. He and Mary Kay are a big encouragement to what God can do if you commit yourself totally to Him. I’m thankful for them and their friendship!
The first distribution went like clock work. After we were all packed up we ate lunch at the church. We had extra time for some of the kids to play with them and talk. Chrissy was amazing! I look out in the yard and there she was playing tag with 10 kids running around. Yes in the heat. She also led the kids in two rousing games of in the water out of the water. The kids loved it and her. I just love watching as she scurried around to find prizes for the winner of the game. It was also neat to see her compassion for the kids. They would want to take something home to a brother or sister she wouldn’t let them leave until she found something.
Tori painted little girls nails as they jabbered in Spanish to her. She was so cute. Si and Jonah have made so many friends too. There are doing so good. Jonah was asked if he would come back by a little boy. I think he is struggling with how to answer these type questions, as do I.
The high light was at the second stop I was trying to keep up with an ever-growing line of kids wanting balloons. I was getting so tired I was ready call it quits. But we were only half way done with handing out the boxes. That is when this lady came up next me and pulled my balloon pump out of my bag. This is no big surprise this happens all the time then she started going through my bag, which is over my shoulder. I had a balloon in my hands and wasn’t able to do anything but I felt like God was saying just relax so I did. She pulled out a balloon and stared to figure out how to pump it up. I have people try to get their own balloons all the time because they’re impatient. So she blew the balloon up and handed it to me and as I was twisting it she reaches in my bag and gets another balloon out and blows it up and watches for me to tell her when it was full enough. She looked at me and wanted to help by inflating the balloons as I made the various things for the kids. I was so humbled! I was able to continue until our time was up. I thanked her a number of time but she was so happy to help! It was an incredible moment.
I can’t wait for tomorrow for God to teach me more.

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