Day 5 is gone but it was great!

Day 5 this day has been by far the best day! Today we had 3 distributions this alone is not normal. But we went to the warehouse and I was determined to find a ball pump I have been looking for one for days. We have not been able to give soccer balls at all. So I went in and found a box of toys and it just happened to be one that Si recognized. He was excited he said “Dad this on is one I packed!” he looked at me with as much excitement as I felt because he knew there was a pump in the box. We dug down deep and I pulled out a pump. Praise God! We both knew we could use the evangiballs these have the wordless gospel message on them. After big smiles we were off to load the bus.
At the first stop Mary gave her testimony. It was very good the people were listing so intently. After we unloaded the bus I had Estella one of the translators come help as I called the kids over to explain the story of the ball. We had two kids come forward and made a commitment. This was cool.
We ate lunch by a stream and met a family that lived there. Won Ramón our bus driver shared his testimony. That was just incredible not matter how many times you hear it. We continued on to the next place. I had a big surprise here when they introduced the person to give their testimony. It was Chrissy. She said she would never ever do this. She got up and shared the best story from her life I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the place. She talked about our Niece when she passed and her brother Ryan. She shared that there is hope and prayers are not all ways answered in the way we want but in the way that is best for us and sometimes it hurt but someday that will be gone. This is defiantly in the top 10 highlights of my life! After that I had angelica help me with the ball all the kids we had there made commitments for the Lord. Angelica wanted me to do this for the service I had given a testimony before and didn’t want to take someone else’s opportunity. I said perhaps tomorrow. Before we lest the Hondurans had a prayer circle and they prayed for Chrissy and Ryan.
When we got to the last place it was a small. I was still on the bus looking for batteries for the camera. When I heard everyone call to me and say you come tell the story. Ahhh I was afraid I was taking someone’s place. But it all turned out Good. I used the ball and told the gospel message. It was amazing how God can use you. The people were just so interested in the story of Adam and Eve and God sending Jesus. Today was a great day.
Please pray for me I pulled a mussel in my rib area earlier this week and today after so strong Honduran hugs I am in much pain. I will not whine or complain just believe God will heal me or ease it so I can finish strong for Him.

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