Day 6 in Honduras

Day 6 has been very hard. Today we made a trip to the mountains this was just amazing. We loaded all the boxes and giveaways into 4×4 trucks and piles everyone in to the other trucks and up the mountain we went. The ride up was bumpy to say the least the rain had cut huge ruts in the road. As we traveled up the steep inclines the view was spectacular. We tried not to look over the side of the road because it was a huge drop. When we reached the distribution we were almost to the top. We got out of the trucks and started to mingle with the people they were so friendly and happy to have us there. The distribution was at a small two-room school. The kids couldn’t wait to get out to us. When they did we were mobbed. As I was handing out the bracelets I had I looked over at Chrissy and the kids were all around her with their hands out for the little toys and jewelry she had. The kids don’t get things like this so this it a huge deal. After we had our service and unloaded the trucks I went outside the gate to do balloons. I’m so glad I learned the word for line up! They lined up and waited patiently for their balloons. Ben brought out the evengiball and they had Obi one of the translators come out so I could tell the gospel message to people who were not in for the service. There were to boys about 13 who made commitments. I gave the ball to Ben and they were off to play soccer as I went back to making animals. When everything was over I was called into the fenced area for lunch. It is so very hard to eat a sandwich when people who you know have not eaten or have little food in their homes are pressed against a locked fence watching you eat. Chrissy and I couldn’t do it. I found Chrissy over by the fence talking to a lady who didn’t get a food box. Just as I was going to call to her she got Angelica then she went to Denny. She ran over to the packed up suitcases and emptied one with a small amount of clothes. I asked what she was doing? She said I’m giving this away to someone who needs it. Some of the group didn’t understand what she was doing. They were a bit short with her because of empting a suitcase. They had already sorted and had ready to go back to the warehouse they didn’t realize the God moment that was happening. She took the empty suitcase and handed it over the fence to the woman she had been talking with while everyone else was eating. The woman’s face lit up with a huge smile Marney said wait I need a picture this was my son’s suitcase. I think she was happy to give it away. After that Chrissy tried to fix her small mess by neatly folding the close and placing them in a suitcase that had similar clothes in it. Only to be told that was the wrong one to put them in and there was nothing to use now. Someone found a box and said here. I’m so amazed Chrissy kept her composure very well though she was extremely upset that people missed what took place. I took her to a privet place and we talked as we sat. We were greeted by Susanna who was beautiful we talked and held her until it was time to move on.
Next our family went on a home visit we were the last group to go out. The home we had was the furthest up the mountain it was very small just a bit bigger then one of our shed in out yard. Three people lived here. They were very poor they had absolutely nothing. They had come to the church for a while but stopped. They were not Christians. We had a hard time communicating with them Chrissy knows some Spanish but not enough. The same was with Griffin who was sent to translate. They did their best. Chrissy and Tori ended up giving their shoes to the family. A lot happened so I will write more later but for now I have to go.
My pain seems to have gone thank you for your prayers! God is so good!

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