Honduras Mission Trip 2010 day 1 or 2 perhaps 3 I’m not sure?

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Okay so today is day two for our official trip. It’s Sunday. We arrived in Honduras about 12:05 and got through customs no problems at all we were greeted by our translator Obi at the gate and were able to go to the hotel. I was also so very surprised to be greeted by my amigo Johnny. Some of you have prayed for him this past year when he came into contact with 15000-volt wire and was electrocuted and close to death. I was so very good to see him walk over with a big smile and say “Hunter a so good to see you finally!” We were loaded the bus and saw our old friend Won driving the bus. They made a special trip just for us.
When we were loaded up it was close to 2Am. Chrissy and I talked to Johnny al the way the hotel when we got here we unloaded and found out there was no room but that didn’t matter to us we were just happy to be at the hotel. About 2:30 the guy from the front desk came out and said we had rooms what a blessing!  We all grabbed luggage and headed for the rooms Chrissy and I divided the kids up and had two beds available so we asked Johnny if they were staying to take the other group to the airport or going home for the few hours that they had left. They said they needed to stay and get the group off and to the airport. So we had them crash in our room with us but we needed to get them up in time to see the other team to the airport. 2 hours went by and up again saw the other team it was good to see Mary and Dennis and Ellie and Morgan. They said they had a great week! The bus lest and Johnny was still there so I told him to crash in our room until he needed to get up.
One thing you need to understand is that Johnny speaks, as much English as I speak of Spanish and that is very little. Trying to make sure I had alarms set was a trip! But we did it!
Saturday we got Johnny off and sorted our bags and took it easy. Right before lunch a man who needed surgery on his knee and had terrible back pain came to us for prayer. His name was Jose he wanted Jesus to heal him. He believed if we prayed he would be healed. He also shared that he walked a few miles to get here and that his family has only had rice to eat for the last 30 days. We prayed with him and gave him some food for his family. He was so grateful and seemed to be feeling better.
We ate lunch and got ready to go get the rest of our team from the airport. When they arrive one of the girls was having a problem with her passport to make a long story short she ended up having a custodian guard of the counter escort her to the hotel and she would have to leave the county in the morning. We prayed and prayed for Gods favor but it didn’t look good. The rest of the team lost their luggage and had only what the brought. What a day!
Sunday we got up went to have breakfast with Johnny and his family and hear his testimony at the end of breakfast we finally got word that something happed with the passport with the officials and lawyers and Sammy got to stay! Praise God! We then had do intros and learn a program for the distributions go to the airport and get everyone’s luggage then go to church. Did I mention I had to preach at church here? I preached on Dut 6:4-10 the church was so crowded that people we in the doors and window listening. We had one woman make a decision and planted lots of seeds. The coolest thing for me was that this church I had gone to three years ago and when I was there I had a little boy want me to go home with him and stay after saying couldn’t do that he asked when would be back? I said I don’t know he then said if you listen to God you will be back! I looked for Alex but didn’t see him. But I listened to God and I came back perhaps I will see him tomorrow when we do a distribution there. Pics will be coming soon. Keep watching till then thank you for the prayers!

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