Day 2 or 3 whose counting? Honduras 2010

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Okay it’s Monday night we have had our first distributions today. As I have mentioned we went back to the church that I preached at last night for this mornings distribution. on the way to the site we were caught in traffic because of a body found along the road some one had been shot to death. This was not a great way to start the day but God has everything under control. We arrived and I was on the look out for Alex the little boy I had encountered 3 yrs ago. But I did not see him. We had great worship we put on a puppet show and had a skit. Today Phil Miller was up for testimony. He did a great Job of encouraging the people to life out their faith so that the kids that surrounded them could see Christ and come to have a relationship with Him. We handed out 57 boxes in 45 Min most of the time Tori and I were outside I was making balloon animals and Tori was painting nails of little girls. Everyone else worked in the distribution. Half way through it poured down rain Tori and I were in the start of it but avoided the heavy down pour. When it let up we went back out to continue balloons and  nails. I had so many kids around me pressing in and wanting a balloon or something.
After lunch we were told we had more time to play with the kids. I was very hot and incredibly tired I thought perhaps I would take a break and stay in the church and rest. Every piece of clothing was drenched from sweat and rain so sitting sill was good. Just then Chrissy came to me and said the kids want me to do balloons it was raining again so I sat on the steps in the bus and made animals and swords and what ever else I could think of.  I looked out the window of the bus and saw a boy the size I would think Alex would be. So as he came by I asked his name and his name was Alex but he didn’t remember me he acted like he did but didn’t want to say that he did in front of his friends. I am sure in my heart that it was him. So I pray that what ever has happened to him that God would draw him closer.
The next place we went to we had been there last year one of the boys came to me right away asking me to make balloons for them. I hadn’t even gotten my bag out. He  remembered me from last year. Then I came to fine more of the kids also remembered me form last year this was really cool. Well that’s it for now we have an early start so please say a prayer for us. New pics are on face book from the past days!

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