day 3 in Honduras "I got peeed on!"

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Day 3 in Honduras. Today Chrissy gave her testimony it was really good. But very hard. Today we started out going the a river village called the silver bridge. This is one of the poorest villages in this community. They have tin huts for houses and dirt floors. The last few days it has rained hard and the river is up. This is where they bath and  wash clothes. But also the water makes lots of mud in the huts this is not good living conditions at all.
We did our distribution out side we were praying that it would not rain. We prepped for like 45 people and ended up having over 6o families. I cannot tell you of the extreme poverty in this place.
A funny story. Something happened that never happened to me before. I was watching our drama and I was at the back of the crowd when I felt like something was wrong. I looked down and there was a dog standing there using me for his tree. He was going right on my leg a yelled at it and shoed it away. I count believe it.
Well besides that I waited until we had the line in order to start making balloons for the kids but until that point I was lost. Everyone had a job to do. I tried to help Chrissy but I don’t know enough about women’s clothes. Once I was able to start I had to go down the road away from the distribution so not to distract the kids in line. The first kids we amazed at having the balloons. On boy came up and asked for a perro a dog. So I made him a dog once I gave it to him his eyes lit up and had the biggest smile you could imagine and he said thank you and took of running he was jumping and running as fast as he could with the balloon held up as high as he could. He ran telling everyone he could about his dog.
This never gets old or stops breaking my heart. You want to give all you can but that’s not enough. I hope and pray that they understand the message of love and hope we bring to them about Christ. He is there only hope! They have no plan b. they don’t have back-ups to fall on just each other and they all are in the same situation.
The afternoon was hard because of the energy level of the team we all were worn out but as soon as we got off the bus it was like God super charged us to go on further than we though we could. There were tons of kids at this site. It started to rain when we started our program then when we were wrapping it up it dye off  and quit all together. It was like God said Ok that’s enough my children need to work now. It was a very good day!
More pics on facebook if your not a friend of mine and want to see the pics request me. Please keep praying!

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