Check Out What God Can Do With Small Things! blog day 4 In Honduras

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Day 4 in Honduras. I was surprised today when we were leaving to go out to the distribution site Johnny and his son Benjamin came as well as José Won Ramón son. These kids have become very important to our family so it was great to spend time with them.
Today our team did something that no other team has done in the history of  F2F. At least that was what I was told we did a mountain distribution like other years but this one we had to cross a river! Bid deal right? Well we did this not by going over a bridge in the bus or walking in. I have done both before. No not going through the water with the bus either. We took 35 food boxes with approximately 16 boxes and suitcases and stereo, generator and puppets and stage all across with us. All by a boat. Okay not a big deal did I mention all the rain lately and the river was swift and swollen. Still not bad for a big boat right? We our boat was a 15-20 foot rescue pontoon raft. It carried about 8 people at a time. Still not bad. But this raft was missing one thing a motor. It had a wire going from one side of the river to the other with a rope on a pulley to hold the boat in place. The boat went from heading straight across the river to fighting the current with quite a wave some times curling over the bow of the boat. We would load the boat and send it then it would come back for more the first of us to cross was Rick and Archy. It was so cool to see the Honduran people come down and move everything up a path to a fresh cleared spot for us to do the distribution. Once were all were safely over we started. The speaker today was none other than my Silas my 11-year-old son. He was nervous but he did a great job he presented the gospel message to over 80 kids and adults. He told how God created everything perfect and it was good until we disobeyed God. He said that’s called sin. As he was explaining it all he used water to represent God and man and then Iodine for sin. Explained sin makes us not pure any more we were no longer like God. So he added iodine for each sin he mentioned which made the water very dark. He than explained the plan God had with Jesus to save us form being separated from God forever. He used bleach as Jesus and made the iodine disappear the kids gasped when it just was instantly gone. He continued to tell them that this is how is with us and we could have Jesus save us to if we made him Lord of our life and turn from our sinful life. And obey all his commands. He did a great Job! My friend Clark then followed him. Clark did great but was almost overshadowed by the amazement of a kid giving a witness to the Lord. Here in Honduras Kids are to be seen and not heard. So this was a huge deal for Si and the children to have someone like Silas do this.
The after noon we had 90 boxes to distribute and the church was very small no fans and very very Hot. It was surprising that we didn’t loose anyone in there to the heat. I met so great kids and had some fun with twisting balloons.
Another high light was with my friend Archy. Three years ago I gave him a balloon pump and a bag of balloons. I showed him how to make a dog, sword, heart and a hat. Today he wanted to show me what he could make. He was so proud and he should be. He can now make snails Octopus’s, fish and hammers. It was very cool. To see someone take what you have given them with no expectations and make huge impact for God with it. He is also doing puppets too. I gave him one small puppet I brought that year too. Now he has a stage and 5 puppets. He is using all this to do children’s ministry. God is so Awesome! I never would have imagined. Just think of the lives changed forever just because he was blessed with the tools he needed to do God work. Crazy! Check out the balloon creations on my facebook. They are really amazing! Thanks for the prayers!

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