Best day of all my trips to Honduras! Blog day 5 Honduras 2010

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Day 5 in Honduras. Today was home visit day this when we go to a family of the church that we are serving at to see what everyday life is like. For the last three trips this has been an eye opening experience and usually the highlight of the week. So I could not wait today for us to get to the church and get the food out to the people so we could go and spend time with our host family. So much for what I thought God had other plans.
Well after waking the kids I came back over to our room and Chrissy was not feeling well but she said that she was not going to miss today. So she took some Imodium and just after she did that it hit me we weren’t really sick we just had to go a lot if you get my drift. So I did the same as Chrissy and hoped for the best. I thought I will drink so much water that it will not effect me that badly. I ate some breakfast then we were off to load food boxed and to the church. I rested on the way there laying over some of the worn cardboard clothes boxes looking out the window. I was thinking how blessed I was to be able to make a trip like this with our whole family two times.
As we pulled up to the church I recognized it right away we were here on my first trip. I looked a Donna and said do you remember this place she said yea. I said this is where I met Carla. Carla was a little girl about 10 yrs old. She sat in the back of the church crying by her self so I went to her and prayed with her. Afterwards she stayed close by to me. I have prayed that God would be with her and bless her over the years.  I said to Donna I wonder if she will be here? So once we got the bus parked I found the restroom and took care of all the water I had drank. Then I went in to get ready for service. I looked around at all the faces but didn’t see any one I recognized. We did our songs and Puppets. Oh yea Silas and Trent and Michel had a dance off of sorts too. Silas’s water sprinkler was funny but Trent’s John Travolta Saturday Night Fear move was hilarious.
Donna shared her testimonial and I thought Estella would never have a chance to translate because there was only one mic and once Donna got stared she just kept going and forgot about the translators. Honesty I think she thought she was speaking in tongues. I’m just kidding. But afterwards we gathered around the kids to pray for them I was feeling spent last day not 100%. So I decided to just give it al to God. So after the prayer the pastor wanted us to come up ad be prayed for then they changed their minds. We went out in among the people and prayed I had two kids by me a boy on the left and girl on the right we started to pray and I felt God just totally refresh my energy and renew my mind it was a great feeling. The stomach thing just left. After the prayer I looked to my left at the girl and saw that she was still praying a crying as she prayed I stood close to her and started to pray with her the more I prayed the more she clung to me burring her face in to me. When I finished I looked up at Dick he smiled and understood what I was feeling. This was a cool experience to have a child like this just hold on to you. I looked down and gently picked up her face and looked her in the eyes. I asked what is your name but before she could say I knew. This was Carla. I was very excited I asked if she remembered me praying for her she said she thought so. And Gave me a big hug and hung on to me. I introduced her to my family because I had talked about her before. I told her I had been praying for her. The biggest smile came across her face. She asked if she could stay with me while I was there and I said sure. She then introduced me to her mother and sister. We got our picture taken and I gave it to her she was showing everyone. She stayed really close the rest of the time I was there. When we had to say good-bye I told her that I would pray for her. She said she would do the same for me. This was an awesome day better that I expected.

We did our home visits and it was very cool. The guy that was at the house we went to had baby toucans one decides to fly into Ben he freaked! But we have it all on video. I will be posting it to youtube very soon. I very tired and need to get rest. Tomorrow we meet our Compassion International children and spend the day with them shod be Great! Can’t believe the week is almost over though it went way to fast. Check our the pics more will be coming soon. 

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