the day I will never forget

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Okay day 6 in Honduras. The final day I said yesterday was the best day in 3 years. Well God has a way of just messing with me because yesterday was great but today was just amazing!
Last night I was up late packing everything and making sure we had everything ready for our visit with our Compassion girls. We had to make sure we were packed so we could load the bus quickly when we got back from our visits so we could go eat supper at the camp and then go to church then to the airport. At least that was our plan.
So I ended up in bed around 1:30AM but the good thing was I didn’t need to get up until 6:45 this was good! We needed to pray at 7:45 then eat and meet the girls at 9. So, that all went to plan. Until prayer when Dick got a call from our Compassion representative we were now meeting at 9:30. This was still good. As we waited I felt like I we were when we were having our kids. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would say when I met the girls. I have prayed for them for so long and this was so big! Finally a van pulled up and a man go out and walked over to us he said Hi I’m Alexis with compassion are you the Hunters? I said yes he said are you ready to go? We asked what we would be doing so we could have everything we needed. So he went over the itinerary with us and it sounded good. We would close the day with giving our gifts to the girls that we brought.
He said you ready to meet the nina’s? We said yes! So we went around to the side of the van and he pulled back the door and out jumped Ismarial (Alex). She ran to me and gave me such a big hug and said I am your compassion child! I could not hold it together the tears started to flow and I looked at Alejandra and she smile a shy smile and gave me a hug then before I knew it I was surrounded by flashing cameras. I had so many questions for them but we needed to go. We were traveling to San Pedro Sulu to spend the day at a huge mall. It was going to take about 45 minuets to get there. So we were off in the van. Our translator was the driver so it was a quite ride there but when we arrive. We located a food court and all sat down to talk. Alex’s caseworker had a huge file on her. It had all the info on her accident, our letters, and medical records. It had pictures of her recovery and surgeries. She showed us pictures of the project she was involved in. It was just so amazing. We then learned about Alejandra and her family. She was 11 she was just so pretty and had the most wonderful smile. She loves to play ball and her favorite food is chicken and pizza. She was very shy. Her mom just graduated to become a nurse. She got a call today saying she god a job and was to start tomorrow. What praise! Her dad is a truck diver. He texted her Mother to say how thankful he was that we wanted to meet his daughter and all we do for her and the family. That was very cool!
  Alex was so full of joy and full of life! She loved to take pictures with the digital camera and look at them. She would giggle at the pictures she took. She showed us pictures in the projects scrapbook of children’s day and pointed out al the events that took place on that day.
We then took time to take tons of pictures with the girls. We decided to take them to the arcade to play a few games. The girls ran into the area laughing and excited this was the first time they have been to a mall. This was a big deal! We all agreed it was time to get something to eat so the girls decided on Pizza Hut. Something is different about the pizza there I’m not sure what but man it was good. Maybe it was just the company we had with us. Each of the girls were given a balloon sword like the ones I made all week they loved the balloons. During lunch we asked if the girls or the families needed anything clothes, shoes, food. They said shoes so we said no problem so we said after lunch we would take care of it. So we went to a shoe store close by but there was nothing suitable for the girls so we went to another store and found shoes for then it was like we gave the girls the best present ever! Alex danced around in her new shoes she just had to were them out of the store. Her mother wanted to know if I liked them? She then showed me where she had surgeries to help straighten her leg again. This is when I found out that she is going to have surgery again September 7th one month from today. This is to help again with her leg and Walking she walks well now but needs to have the leg straightened so she can have better mobility. I asked if there was anything else that they needed Alejandra’s mom said a blouse would be nice so I told then to get one. They couldn’t find anything there so we went to another store. I don’t like shopping but this was a blast! We moved to the next store this was cool kids store that had a lot of current clothing for kids. The girls each picked out pants and a shirt then Chrissy made sure they had underwear the girls put the clothes on to make sure they fit and then we a had a little fashion show in the store the girls walked up the aisle and spun around like models. They were so beautiful not because of the clothes but because of the joy and love they had it just poured out of them. When everyone else was looking at the underwear I called Alejandra over to a rack of hats I saw her looking at them earlier and cold tell she wanted one but did not want to ask. So I asked her do you like these in my best Spanish then asked her to choose one. I asked do you want it? A huge smile appeared and she jumped up and down she put it on and ran and showed her mom. I had Alex pick one too. This was so much fun! We ended the mall trip with Chrissy buying heart necklaces for each of the girls with their names inscribed on the front and ours on the back she also had one to mach for us. They thanked us and gave big hugs and kisses. It was time to go back to the hotel. We needed to be back by 4 so we could stay on schedule. So we started back 25 minuets into our trip we had a flat. Alexis and I got the tools out and then discovered the wheel cover was wire tied on and we had no knifes or scissors to cut it we found some metal (God provided) and got it off then the lug nuts w on so tight I think the tire had never been changed. Alexis tried no go then Ben. I thought these guys are both big and strong. What can I do? So I remembered Rick telling me a story of asking God to give him the strength of Samson. So I asked and took the wrench and placed it on and one squeak and the came off with hardly any effort it seemed to me. I remember hearing a gasp and wow. And off they came. God is so awesome (God Provided). Then the jack was missing a piece so we couldn’t use it I thought if only we had a floor jack. Just then a cabby stopped and asked if we needed help we said we needed a jack and went to his trunk and pulled out a floor jack. (God provided again). This was amazing! We made it back in time we were able to give our gifts do a video interview and say our good byes. It was such a good day.
We went to supper then to church and off to the airport. After we took a team picture we the Illinois team said there good byes and we went to the ticket counter. We were standing in line when I turned around and there was Johnny standing in our circle. I don’t know where he came from but he stayed with us until we had to go through security we prayed for him and went through security. Time to go home.
I have pictures coming to facebook very soon and some video too

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