In Honduras again 2011

Well, here I am in Honduras again this is my forth trip here. This is the same but different. what I mean is this past year I wanted to come here in the summer to el progresso. I have so many friends there but because of many changes in my life God had prolonged my visit. I so longed to be in this country. Why? You may ask, I can’t explain I just do. This visit I’m at the Hope center it’s an orphanage to 12 amazing kids in Tegucigalpa.

Over the years I have watched people come to Honduras to help the Hondurans but always walk away being helped more themselves. this year I needed to come to be helped and I know it.

This year I have been so drained and wanting and longing to be refreshed. When we arrived here I thought what could I give being so tired. Then I was asked to teach kids church in the morning. I thought God you’re crazy but I will obey your call. So I prepared and went to bed.

I woke at 4 told myself to go back to sleep. So I did till 6:30. I woke up feeling like an old man. My head was pounding and my stomach was churning. I felt awful but knew I had to make kids church happen. I was then asked to do the evening service too. I don’t recall clearly but some how heard my self saying, okay no problem.

Off to church we went. During worship I had a amazing experience.  I can only describe it as when we went to Disney and were greeted by the gate keeper with a huge smile and saying “Welcome Home”.  I felt the a refreshment that only God can give you. It was just amazing.

By the way the evening service was even better than the first! Thank you for all the prayers.
I love this place but so miss home too.

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