Crazy But Good

Okay, so I’m behind on the blog so if you want to know stories you got to ask about a day or a picture.

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to talk to some of the men of the neighborhood man to man about faith and being a good husband and father. these guys I was told were ones who want to make a difference but feel like the community looks at them like they are scum because of the life style they are coming out of. Jose was not a christian and had been resisting the Holy Spirt and it was so cool to help him overcome and commit his life to the Lord.

Today we went to prison. Yes prison and I made some great friends!

Chrissy and I had the opportunity to share our story of how Christ changed our lives. I don’t know how or why but in my excitement of sharing I got a bit preachy to these gangsters and more or less told them if they thought they were in hell now just wait if they don’t have Jesus.

Side note! I don’t plan on doing that in my kids ministry just to clarify.

I’m still not sure what all I really did say but I do remember my voice being so loud the it was echoing though the corridors. After we shared and prayed with these guys we got to know them.

One Homie “New Boy” Who is an awesome artist was relentless to teach me spanish in the time we had together. He made me practice on his homies as he introduced me to them I met “Lazy” and “Rookie” together we had great conversation mostly in spanish.

I would never imagine that I would be taught spanish by a gang banger let a lone just having a great conversation with someone like this is the federal pen. By the way yes we were with these guys in this windy corridor with no guards or any security. There was much respect there and honor. Nothing to fear but fear it self. these guys now my homies made me promise to return. they told me they weren’t going any where.

Before we went to the Pen I will admit I was a bit anxious knowing some of what I was getting into. But then I thought of paul where he says:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”Philippians 1:21. 

I would rather go tell some one about Jesus and lose my life then to loose my eternity with Him.

After we did get out of prison we made our way back to our church base. There we heard the presidents helicopter was to land so we stayed to see if we could see him. Not only did we see him we met the President of Honduras he was very friendly and nice shook our hands.

Pretty cool day!

Honduras 2011 day 3 Smile Jesus Te Ama

Well, today I did something that I have not done often when I come to Honduras. I was actually in the distribution and I had the best job. But before I get to that I need to tell you about the area we served in today.

We set up in a small school that was on the out skirts of a garbage dump. No big deal to us gringos. Here it is a big deal these wonderful people not just live by the dump but also in it. they live in cardboard houses or any thing else they can construct  into a shelter from the dump. We were told that it was to dangerous for us to go in this year. There is too much poverty and need. Some of the people just will do anything to get what they need even if it means violence.

When we arrived the testimony question came up “Who shall I send?” Chrissy answered the call. I thought she was going to freak because I don’t think she really understood that she volunteered and when she realized what she did she was like AHHHHH! Well maybe not that bad but still freaked out thinking can’t believe I did this.

She stood there talking to the translator in a small still voice that only a few around her could hear. As she talked about her life and how powerful God has been in changing her from the inside out I could see people shaking their heads and leaning in hanging on to every word translated. It was really cool. Then it was over and this was the best part She smiled and just had a glow about her that was unmistakable that God was pleased with her.

Now as I said I had the chance to be in the distribution and I got to watch my wife hold up clothing and talk to the people as they went though the line. When she would find something that was just right the room would illuminate with Chrissy’s smile. It was contagious then the people would smile thought the rest of the line. Time after time this happened. Now not everyone came in with a scowl. But the worry and oppression was so heavy on most of them but, when they reached Chrissy something seemed to change just for a while.

As I said I had the best job I was taking family photos at the entrance and It was so hard to get them to smile or at least have some expression. We should have had the photos after Chrissy.

I was just thinking as christians that we go through this world with such blank faces with no joy or like the world is on our shoulders, when we should be make others faces light up. We have the grace of God.  Yeah not everything is going to be great but someday it will be  and  from there on everyday after if you have Jesus.
My bible says we are to give our burdens to Him and He will take them. When we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ why don’t we? We need to work on this. If we really need to have something to worry about think about all those who don’t have Jesus. Because they will not have great days for eternity.  Use that to motivate your smile!

Honduras 2011 day 2 So what do you believe?

Okay so, day two this may be long but I will try to make it short. Today we gave out 22 food boxes and a lot of clothes and toys. This was so different than any distribution I have ever done.

We went to three homes to give our blessing of Gods love. These are the families of guys who are in the 18th street gang. This gang is notorious for being one of the most violent ones in the world. So basically some bad dudes. The homes we visited are of members who are now in prison serving a sentence for crimes. they also have or are getting close to accepting the Lord. But just because they are saved doesn’t change the neighborhood their families are from. They are very dangerous areas.

Okay I need to tell you about Momma Ti She is the reason these gangsters are being ministered to. She is a white woman that has a amazing faith and has what I can only describe as an anointing of the God on her life.  (reminds me of my friend joyce Welch)

With all that said now I can tell you my experience. My home preacher said you could argue with anyone about anything except what they experience. So this is what happened.

We parked the truck and van up this steep hill at the police station in this area. We left to go to the homes caring our boxes and about 14 gringos 4 guys the rest women. The houses are just cement block sheds stacked one on top another. With only narrow walkways to separate them and they were even far between. So I walked in the middle of the group with Ti leading us, who just was not worried at all about the gang members.

 Some of us noticed some gang activity happening in our walking to the homes. but it didn’t seem to phase Ti at all. We got to the first home and all went great! As we were leaving Rick told me to walk at the front with Ti because of the activity s, I did. As I was walking with her I was aware that we were being watched very closely.

I was not really ready for what happened next. I don’t think anyone else saw or felt what was going on. You believe what you want. But I felt a intense feeling that is indescribable and it rushed past me and stayed before us.  I know what I saw it was like a wave of Syfi force field just moving  before us until we reached our destination. I’m not sure what it was but I have chose to believe it was the Spirit of the Lord. Where Ti goes this seemed to go before her the rest of the day.  It was amazing I tried to tell Rick about it but just couldn’t describe it. Who do we have to fear when God goes before us? Crazy!!

 Today was a amazing day that will be one I will not forget for a while. I can’t wait to see what God will do tomorrow! you can now wrestle with the fact the God does still reveal Himself still.

In Honduras again 2011

Well, here I am in Honduras again this is my forth trip here. This is the same but different. what I mean is this past year I wanted to come here in the summer to el progresso. I have so many friends there but because of many changes in my life God had prolonged my visit. I so longed to be in this country. Why? You may ask, I can’t explain I just do. This visit I’m at the Hope center it’s an orphanage to 12 amazing kids in Tegucigalpa.

Over the years I have watched people come to Honduras to help the Hondurans but always walk away being helped more themselves. this year I needed to come to be helped and I know it.

This year I have been so drained and wanting and longing to be refreshed. When we arrived here I thought what could I give being so tired. Then I was asked to teach kids church in the morning. I thought God you’re crazy but I will obey your call. So I prepared and went to bed.

I woke at 4 told myself to go back to sleep. So I did till 6:30. I woke up feeling like an old man. My head was pounding and my stomach was churning. I felt awful but knew I had to make kids church happen. I was then asked to do the evening service too. I don’t recall clearly but some how heard my self saying, okay no problem.

Off to church we went. During worship I had a amazing experience.  I can only describe it as when we went to Disney and were greeted by the gate keeper with a huge smile and saying “Welcome Home”.  I felt the a refreshment that only God can give you. It was just amazing.

By the way the evening service was even better than the first! Thank you for all the prayers.
I love this place but so miss home too.