Crazy But Good

Okay, so I’m behind on the blog so if you want to know stories you got to ask about a day or a picture.

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to talk to some of the men of the neighborhood man to man about faith and being a good husband and father. these guys I was told were ones who want to make a difference but feel like the community looks at them like they are scum because of the life style they are coming out of. Jose was not a christian and had been resisting the Holy Spirt and it was so cool to help him overcome and commit his life to the Lord.

Today we went to prison. Yes prison and I made some great friends!

Chrissy and I had the opportunity to share our story of how Christ changed our lives. I don’t know how or why but in my excitement of sharing I got a bit preachy to these gangsters and more or less told them if they thought they were in hell now just wait if they don’t have Jesus.

Side note! I don’t plan on doing that in my kids ministry just to clarify.

I’m still not sure what all I really did say but I do remember my voice being so loud the it was echoing though the corridors. After we shared and prayed with these guys we got to know them.

One Homie “New Boy” Who is an awesome artist was relentless to teach me spanish in the time we had together. He made me practice on his homies as he introduced me to them I met “Lazy” and “Rookie” together we had great conversation mostly in spanish.

I would never imagine that I would be taught spanish by a gang banger let a lone just having a great conversation with someone like this is the federal pen. By the way yes we were with these guys in this windy corridor with no guards or any security. There was much respect there and honor. Nothing to fear but fear it self. these guys now my homies made me promise to return. they told me they weren’t going any where.

Before we went to the Pen I will admit I was a bit anxious knowing some of what I was getting into. But then I thought of paul where he says:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”Philippians 1:21. 

I would rather go tell some one about Jesus and lose my life then to loose my eternity with Him.

After we did get out of prison we made our way back to our church base. There we heard the presidents helicopter was to land so we stayed to see if we could see him. Not only did we see him we met the President of Honduras he was very friendly and nice shook our hands.

Pretty cool day!

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