When will you grow up?

If you’re in youth or children’s ministry you often get the question, “When will you decide to be a real minister?” Meaning, when will you grow up? Or, when will you step up and become a lead minster preaching, setting up services, counseling, recruiting for other areas in the church, and so on. You get the idea. This question always drives me nuts. I have done all these things for adults in my life as God’s servant, but now I do it for kids.

My response could be “So, what your saying is that ministering to students and kids is not as important as ministering to adults?” But, I’m not going there with this.

What I do want to write about is something that I have hoped to hear for years, but I have never experienced-until now.

You see in ministering to kids, I do all that a lead pastor does. I cast vision, recruit, train, teach, and yes, even preach. In my estimation I do everything that a senior minister would do. I’m sure I can hear amens from my peers!

Well, the other day I was in a meeting when a comment was made that caught my attention. Someone said that I pastor a church of 300+. At first I was wondering, where is this person going with this? Then he mentioned the youth minsters name, and said that he pastored a church of 300+ too. The point was that we (the youth pastor and me) needed the encouragement, prayer, support, and yes, respect–just the same as the senior minister needs it. The only difference between us is the age of our congregations. At that moment, I felt, “Wow. Someone gets what I do!” Not that I need to be honored, but it was good to know that someone understands that my calling is just as valuable as other pastors. I have to admit that it was a bit surreal, but what made it even better was that the person saying it was my Senior Minister, Jeff Boyer.

These words are not often said, or at least we children’ pastors don’t hear about it. I pray that more senior ministers would understand that we have congregations too, and we are all on the same team working for the same goal.

I have to say, it sure encouraged me. I believe God knew I needed to hear this.

So I do give all honor and glory to God for those who understand that youth, children, adult and all other ministries have value to God in making eternal life changes in the local church.

Thanks Jeff!

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