Importance of worship teams

The other day, I had a parent come up to me to share what had happened at their house last Sunday after church.
You see, we’re in the middle of a 40 Days In The Word campaign. To help the kids have a little more encouragement to dig into the word of God, we decided to offer some incentives. If they brought back their take-home page with a parent’s signature showing they completed the activity, they could choose from some of our prizes.
The parent went on to tell me that her son choose Bible tabs and he spent most of the afternoon strategically placing the Bible tabs in his Bible. When he was finished, he sat there and slowly paged through his Bible. He then asked if his mom would do sword drills with him.
This is a game of looking up Bible verses as fast as you can when some one calls out the address. (Book, chapter and verse.)
She also wanted let me know that because of this encouraging incentive we have used along with new changes we have made to our worship time, her son loves coming to church!
As I was listening to her tell me all this, I was thinking of 2 things: one is that the strategic planning of the incentives was a success, and the second thing I was thinking was that the new structure of our worship teams is working.
When the load of leading worship is shared, it makes it easier for everyone. People don’t get burnt out and the kids are exposed to a many different believers who have fresh perspective on what God is doing. This helps kids see how God can work in others’ lives in different ways.
We have one leader for each service, and each leader is responsible for recruiting a team of 2-3 members. They are also responsible for scheduling and holding rehearsals with their teams. The goal of each worship leader is to find a member of their team to take over as leader so that member can move on and start a team of their own. This is working for us and is making a difference in lives.
So BIG thanks! To my ministry teams, you’re doing a great job!

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