I’m Part of the Walking Dead

One cold February morning I was sitting in the rocking chair looking out the French doors into the snow covered back yard, as I pondered the scripture I had just read. Most winter mornings you can find me in the same spot having my morning connection time with God. This morning as I read my thoughts were drug off to another place.  This is not necessarily a bad thing being a creative person some of my best ideas come from these little rabbit trails. The more I tried to refocus it seemed the stronger the ideas became. I pushed the creative thought process to the side and tried to refocus. Then the scripture started to move with in me and intertwined with the ideas and started to make sense to me.
Earlier in the year I had decided to read the book of Romans again and I had been putting it off until now. So I decided to read a chapter a day during my quiet time and that is how this process got started. Another thing that I started was watching a TV show my kids have recently have been watching. The problem was that the show was about well something that I had always associated with being wicked or dark. Just not what I would have considered something that a good Christian should be spending their time doing. The show has an apocalyptic theme and zombies. When ever I heard someone talking about zombies or the zombie apocalypse I would just roll my eyes and move on or think how stupid is that, the world ending through zombies. Part of me also had strong spiritual issues with it being about the undead. This was just evil, something taking control of the mind and body, if you called yourself a Christian how could you indulge yourself in this? It just isn’t right. So I wanted to try and understand what my kids saw in this show that seemed to intrigue them. I have to say that each of my children have a strong active relationship with the Lord and have pretty good discernment on most things as far as teen kids can. So I needed to try and understand why the interest?
So, I started to watch the show and the more I watched it the more I started to understand why they liked it. It wasn’t the zombies or the violence that is portrayed in the show. It was about the relationships of the characters and the choices they decided to make and even the hard ones they were forced to make. It was about the survival and the fight to hold onto a disappearing belief system that is woven through society. To be honest I too was interested in what they would do. Then my thoughts turned to what would I do if I was forced into a situation like this.
I’m not a corner dooms day crier but if were honest and look around at our society its obvious to see that things in this world are not all happy and shiny. The blatant sinfulness that we are bombarded with daily though media and just living is taking its toll on this world and us. Scripture tells us the even the earth cries out because of our sin. (Romans 8:22)  So something is going to happen one way or another. I rest assure that God has it all under control but some day I may have to make some hard decisions and I’m not sure what I may do. I do know that I will want to stay in Gods will.
As I started in Romans I noticed something an idea. The idea that may be a bit crazy but non the less interesting and worth the time to sit and think for a while about what this could mean. Here it is scripture tells us that we are dead when we are living a sinful life. (Ephesians 2:5)  We are in a world that has the walking dead all around. Now I understand that we are raised to new life in Christ but just the same we are in a sense the dead. The old has passed and the new has come. (Romans 6:4) this is how I see it. In Christ we are made new but still we are slaves to the earthly body. This body will continue to degenerate and fall apart until it will no longer function. When this happens the new creature that has been trapped will be freed and rejoined in heaven with the Father.
Okay you maybe saying yea that’s nice and all and so you see a correlation from scripture to a popular show. Well it’s more than that it’s a culture shift of a younger generation this should be looked at as an opportunity to reach out and bridge a gap. Those who know the truth of what the future holds in this life and beyond can take this pop culture trend and use it to reach those who have little to no understanding of the Gospel. I’m not saying that we all need to watch zombie movies. I am saying that the Church consistently misses the mark on taking things that are on the rise in our culture and using them to reach a unbelieving society who is looking for answers.
You may say well you can’t use everything. That is true some things are not appropriate to use but then sometimes we wait to long to move forward and bridge the gap that the opportunity to make a difference in gone. We must not wait or miss opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Yes, it may not be our choice way of reaching out but this is not about us.
I have though about that gruesomeness of the killing and all the blood in the show. Here are some of my thoughts. We have a generation that has played games like Halo and mortal combat they have seen things in movies that blow me away. Not to mention the reality shows of the war. Perhaps that may be the key thing to think about we are in a war and the more that we let our guard down and sweep things under rug the less prepared we are for when things do get really bad. We bury our heads in the sand and say that will never happen to me I hope you are right but it may happen to our kids and will they be ready? I’m not saying open Pandora’s box and submerse our kids in this. What I am saying that we need to be smart and think about how we can best help them face whatever the future holds. If you haven’t heard Christian persecution is not over and never will be and it is in even the United States and growing rapidly.
The question is what will you do or how will you handle situations that you find yourself in? If its terrorist, government control, natural disaster to a viral epidemic we need to think about how we can preserve our faith and reach those who are part of this sin ruled disobedient society.
Just some things to think about.

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