Day 2 or 3 whose counting? Honduras 2010

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Okay it’s Monday night we have had our first distributions today. As I have mentioned we went back to the church that I preached at last night for this mornings distribution. on the way to the site we were caught in traffic because of a body found along the road some one had been shot to death. This was not a great way to start the day but God has everything under control. We arrived and I was on the look out for Alex the little boy I had encountered 3 yrs ago. But I did not see him. We had great worship we put on a puppet show and had a skit. Today Phil Miller was up for testimony. He did a great Job of encouraging the people to life out their faith so that the kids that surrounded them could see Christ and come to have a relationship with Him. We handed out 57 boxes in 45 Min most of the time Tori and I were outside I was making balloon animals and Tori was painting nails of little girls. Everyone else worked in the distribution. Half way through it poured down rain Tori and I were in the start of it but avoided the heavy down pour. When it let up we went back out to continue balloons and  nails. I had so many kids around me pressing in and wanting a balloon or something.
After lunch we were told we had more time to play with the kids. I was very hot and incredibly tired I thought perhaps I would take a break and stay in the church and rest. Every piece of clothing was drenched from sweat and rain so sitting sill was good. Just then Chrissy came to me and said the kids want me to do balloons it was raining again so I sat on the steps in the bus and made animals and swords and what ever else I could think of.  I looked out the window of the bus and saw a boy the size I would think Alex would be. So as he came by I asked his name and his name was Alex but he didn’t remember me he acted like he did but didn’t want to say that he did in front of his friends. I am sure in my heart that it was him. So I pray that what ever has happened to him that God would draw him closer.
The next place we went to we had been there last year one of the boys came to me right away asking me to make balloons for them. I hadn’t even gotten my bag out. He  remembered me from last year. Then I came to fine more of the kids also remembered me form last year this was really cool. Well that’s it for now we have an early start so please say a prayer for us. New pics are on face book from the past days!

Honduras Mission Trip 2010 day 1 or 2 perhaps 3 I’m not sure?

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Okay so today is day two for our official trip. It’s Sunday. We arrived in Honduras about 12:05 and got through customs no problems at all we were greeted by our translator Obi at the gate and were able to go to the hotel. I was also so very surprised to be greeted by my amigo Johnny. Some of you have prayed for him this past year when he came into contact with 15000-volt wire and was electrocuted and close to death. I was so very good to see him walk over with a big smile and say “Hunter a so good to see you finally!” We were loaded the bus and saw our old friend Won driving the bus. They made a special trip just for us.
When we were loaded up it was close to 2Am. Chrissy and I talked to Johnny al the way the hotel when we got here we unloaded and found out there was no room but that didn’t matter to us we were just happy to be at the hotel. About 2:30 the guy from the front desk came out and said we had rooms what a blessing!  We all grabbed luggage and headed for the rooms Chrissy and I divided the kids up and had two beds available so we asked Johnny if they were staying to take the other group to the airport or going home for the few hours that they had left. They said they needed to stay and get the group off and to the airport. So we had them crash in our room with us but we needed to get them up in time to see the other team to the airport. 2 hours went by and up again saw the other team it was good to see Mary and Dennis and Ellie and Morgan. They said they had a great week! The bus lest and Johnny was still there so I told him to crash in our room until he needed to get up.
One thing you need to understand is that Johnny speaks, as much English as I speak of Spanish and that is very little. Trying to make sure I had alarms set was a trip! But we did it!
Saturday we got Johnny off and sorted our bags and took it easy. Right before lunch a man who needed surgery on his knee and had terrible back pain came to us for prayer. His name was Jose he wanted Jesus to heal him. He believed if we prayed he would be healed. He also shared that he walked a few miles to get here and that his family has only had rice to eat for the last 30 days. We prayed with him and gave him some food for his family. He was so grateful and seemed to be feeling better.
We ate lunch and got ready to go get the rest of our team from the airport. When they arrive one of the girls was having a problem with her passport to make a long story short she ended up having a custodian guard of the counter escort her to the hotel and she would have to leave the county in the morning. We prayed and prayed for Gods favor but it didn’t look good. The rest of the team lost their luggage and had only what the brought. What a day!
Sunday we got up went to have breakfast with Johnny and his family and hear his testimony at the end of breakfast we finally got word that something happed with the passport with the officials and lawyers and Sammy got to stay! Praise God! We then had do intros and learn a program for the distributions go to the airport and get everyone’s luggage then go to church. Did I mention I had to preach at church here? I preached on Dut 6:4-10 the church was so crowded that people we in the doors and window listening. We had one woman make a decision and planted lots of seeds. The coolest thing for me was that this church I had gone to three years ago and when I was there I had a little boy want me to go home with him and stay after saying couldn’t do that he asked when would be back? I said I don’t know he then said if you listen to God you will be back! I looked for Alex but didn’t see him. But I listened to God and I came back perhaps I will see him tomorrow when we do a distribution there. Pics will be coming soon. Keep watching till then thank you for the prayers!

Day 6 in Honduras

Day 6 has been very hard. Today we made a trip to the mountains this was just amazing. We loaded all the boxes and giveaways into 4×4 trucks and piles everyone in to the other trucks and up the mountain we went. The ride up was bumpy to say the least the rain had cut huge ruts in the road. As we traveled up the steep inclines the view was spectacular. We tried not to look over the side of the road because it was a huge drop. When we reached the distribution we were almost to the top. We got out of the trucks and started to mingle with the people they were so friendly and happy to have us there. The distribution was at a small two-room school. The kids couldn’t wait to get out to us. When they did we were mobbed. As I was handing out the bracelets I had I looked over at Chrissy and the kids were all around her with their hands out for the little toys and jewelry she had. The kids don’t get things like this so this it a huge deal. After we had our service and unloaded the trucks I went outside the gate to do balloons. I’m so glad I learned the word for line up! They lined up and waited patiently for their balloons. Ben brought out the evengiball and they had Obi one of the translators come out so I could tell the gospel message to people who were not in for the service. There were to boys about 13 who made commitments. I gave the ball to Ben and they were off to play soccer as I went back to making animals. When everything was over I was called into the fenced area for lunch. It is so very hard to eat a sandwich when people who you know have not eaten or have little food in their homes are pressed against a locked fence watching you eat. Chrissy and I couldn’t do it. I found Chrissy over by the fence talking to a lady who didn’t get a food box. Just as I was going to call to her she got Angelica then she went to Denny. She ran over to the packed up suitcases and emptied one with a small amount of clothes. I asked what she was doing? She said I’m giving this away to someone who needs it. Some of the group didn’t understand what she was doing. They were a bit short with her because of empting a suitcase. They had already sorted and had ready to go back to the warehouse they didn’t realize the God moment that was happening. She took the empty suitcase and handed it over the fence to the woman she had been talking with while everyone else was eating. The woman’s face lit up with a huge smile Marney said wait I need a picture this was my son’s suitcase. I think she was happy to give it away. After that Chrissy tried to fix her small mess by neatly folding the close and placing them in a suitcase that had similar clothes in it. Only to be told that was the wrong one to put them in and there was nothing to use now. Someone found a box and said here. I’m so amazed Chrissy kept her composure very well though she was extremely upset that people missed what took place. I took her to a privet place and we talked as we sat. We were greeted by Susanna who was beautiful we talked and held her until it was time to move on.
Next our family went on a home visit we were the last group to go out. The home we had was the furthest up the mountain it was very small just a bit bigger then one of our shed in out yard. Three people lived here. They were very poor they had absolutely nothing. They had come to the church for a while but stopped. They were not Christians. We had a hard time communicating with them Chrissy knows some Spanish but not enough. The same was with Griffin who was sent to translate. They did their best. Chrissy and Tori ended up giving their shoes to the family. A lot happened so I will write more later but for now I have to go.
My pain seems to have gone thank you for your prayers! God is so good!

Day 5 is gone but it was great!

Day 5 this day has been by far the best day! Today we had 3 distributions this alone is not normal. But we went to the warehouse and I was determined to find a ball pump I have been looking for one for days. We have not been able to give soccer balls at all. So I went in and found a box of toys and it just happened to be one that Si recognized. He was excited he said “Dad this on is one I packed!” he looked at me with as much excitement as I felt because he knew there was a pump in the box. We dug down deep and I pulled out a pump. Praise God! We both knew we could use the evangiballs these have the wordless gospel message on them. After big smiles we were off to load the bus.
At the first stop Mary gave her testimony. It was very good the people were listing so intently. After we unloaded the bus I had Estella one of the translators come help as I called the kids over to explain the story of the ball. We had two kids come forward and made a commitment. This was cool.
We ate lunch by a stream and met a family that lived there. Won Ramón our bus driver shared his testimony. That was just incredible not matter how many times you hear it. We continued on to the next place. I had a big surprise here when they introduced the person to give their testimony. It was Chrissy. She said she would never ever do this. She got up and shared the best story from her life I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the place. She talked about our Niece when she passed and her brother Ryan. She shared that there is hope and prayers are not all ways answered in the way we want but in the way that is best for us and sometimes it hurt but someday that will be gone. This is defiantly in the top 10 highlights of my life! After that I had angelica help me with the ball all the kids we had there made commitments for the Lord. Angelica wanted me to do this for the service I had given a testimony before and didn’t want to take someone else’s opportunity. I said perhaps tomorrow. Before we lest the Hondurans had a prayer circle and they prayed for Chrissy and Ryan.
When we got to the last place it was a small. I was still on the bus looking for batteries for the camera. When I heard everyone call to me and say you come tell the story. Ahhh I was afraid I was taking someone’s place. But it all turned out Good. I used the ball and told the gospel message. It was amazing how God can use you. The people were just so interested in the story of Adam and Eve and God sending Jesus. Today was a great day.
Please pray for me I pulled a mussel in my rib area earlier this week and today after so strong Honduran hugs I am in much pain. I will not whine or complain just believe God will heal me or ease it so I can finish strong for Him.

Is anyone out there?

Wow, I posted this blog on my facebook and I also sent out a letter to let friends and fam know that were going to Honduras this summer for a mission trip. I needed to let everyone know b/c were trying to raise money to go. I’ve been asking God to bless this for us but I have only heard back from one person. I so appreciate that response! Just knowing they got the letter and read it was so encouraging.
As of right now I don’t doubt that the funds will come in. I know that God wants my family to go on this mission. He has surrounded us with signs that point us to this belief and some others have seen them too. I’m struggling with knowing that others have read what we wrote. We know that they may not be able to give and that is okay! It’s our hope that they will ask God to supply what is needed for us to go. Knowing that others in your circle are lifting you up in prayer is so encouraging.
If anyone reads this and can pray for our family and our mission trip let us know that you’re praying please.
This past weekend we made the first financial commitment to the mission this was about 8% of the over all amount needed to be raised in the next two months. It definitely was a sacrifice for our family but it will be so worth it. We have many fund raising ideas and are in the process of making plans.
Please share this blog with friends and family so they may be encouraged and blessed by what God is doing and will be doing over the next few months! Adios


Our Family Is going to Honduras

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope this letter finds you all doing well. It has been a long time since we have seen some of you, but we think of you all often and pray that God is blessing your families. We are still living in the Chicago area where Butch is the children’s pastor at a church called Deer Creek Christian Church. It’s hard to believe that we’re in our 4th year serving at this great church!
Ben is now a 6’5” 16-year old ready for his driver’s license. He works part-time at a private Christian school as a teacher’s aid in the after-school program. He has a real gift for working with children, and we are praying that God will direct him as he begins to make plans for college and a career. At 13, Tori Jo is growing up beautifully. We’re often amazed at the maturity and responsibility she shows. She has a job doing weekly cleaning for an older couple in our church, and volunteers with several different organizations.
Jonah is now 11, and looks like he is heading in the same direction as Ben concerning his height. We are really hoping that his feet stop growing soon, since we have a hard enough time finding size 15’s for Ben! This year Jonah is excited to be taking drama and music classes with an organization called Midwest Homeschool Fine Arts. And, finally, our 9-year old Silas is still a fireball of energy. He fills his time building with legos, drawing, and playing practical jokes. Trust me, there’s never a dull moment in this house!
The reason we are writing is to tell you that we are about to take the biggest step of faith our family has ever taken. As a family, next August (God willing) we are planning to join World Compassion Network on a Family 2 Family mission trip to Honduras. This will be a huge financial undertaking, but we are confident that if God wants us to go, we will be able to raise the money.
Family 2 Family is an annual project of WCN that gives food and supplies to impoverished families overseas. More than half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day, and an estimated 250,000 children will die of malnutrition this year. WCN collects food boxes and clothing from partnering churches and delivers these boxes directly to families in need.
Ben and Butch were privileged to be a part of a week-long WCN Honduras mission trip just last August. It was a life-changing experience for both of them. Each day their group loaded up their bus and traveled to two different villages to hand out food boxes and tell people how much Jesus loves them. At each village they were able to spend time interacting with the people. Butch’s favorite thing to do was make balloon animals for the children, many of them didn’t even know what a balloon was. Ben loved taking Polaroid pictures of the families who received the food boxes and giving the pictures to the families as a gift. For most of them, it is the only family picture they will ever have taken. The people who benefit from this program live in extreme poverty; it is hard to imagine how difficult their lives are, but Butch and Ben found them to be loving and hospitable with great faith in God to meet all their needs. As a result of taking this trip, Butch and Ben were able to see firsthand how God answer the prayers of His people in amazing ways, and our entire family has seen our own faith grow tremendously.
Our children are excited about the prospect of sharing their faith with the people of Honduras. Since we are homeschooling, we are incorporating Spanish lessons and an in-depth study of Honduras into our schoolwork. They are also busy making plans for a fundraiser. This trip will cost us approximately $1400-1600 per person, for a total of $8400-9600. We know this is an incredible amount of money. We are asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry both financially and with your prayers. Again, we are certain that if this is God’s will, he will help us raise the money.
If your church or small group would like us to visit and share more information about this mission, we would love to do so…before or after our trip. Butch and Ben already have a lot of experiences and pictures they would love to share with you. You can also see all of their pictures at Click on “Blog” at the top of the page.
If you are able to make a donation, please make your tax-deductible check payable to Deer Creek Christian Church, and enclose it with the memo card in this envelope. (Please do not write our name on the memo line of your check. Doing so will make your contribution non-tax-deductible.) Or we have set up an online giving site hosed by our church you can give by debit or credit card too. Click Here To make an Online Donation
If you are unable to make a donation, we ask that you please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter…God bless you all!

In Christ,
The Hunter Family

Butch, Chrissy, Benjamin, Tori Jo, Jonah, & Silas