Wow, what a day! Today was my third child’s birthday he turned 14 today.
I remember when I was 14 it was a monumental year. It was my freshmen year in high school.  I lettered in cross-country running (if you know me now it’s hard to imagine.) we took my second trip to the most magical place on earth Disney World. We also visited the Dark Continent, Bush Gardens. This year I also lost my roll model, hero, one of my best friends my Mommom (my grandmother). I also stared to have my first relationship that would last longer then any other. My first love Jesus.  It was a life-changing year.
Well, Jonah decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday for so juicy steaks they were very good. The best part was that we had a gift certificate too! The very best part was having Jonah sit on the birthday saddle and everyone give him a big ye-haw!
Well, if that was not eventful enough my night was just starting. We had driven two vehicles today because of crazy schedules and having to fix a teenager’s flat tire and so on. So I had to go pick up the truck we left at the church. So I Got there and Got out of the van and looked at the truck and felt like something was telling me to look at the tires so I unlocked the truck for Silas to climb in and I looked at the tires one by one the passenger side was well lit with the light of a street light in the lot.  The other side was not so well lit. So I stood staring at the rear tire but not seeing anything. I moved to the front and saw nothing. So I climbed in and we took off.
I traveled about three miles when I felt like we were getting a flat so I started to pull off to the center of the street to get to a parking lot. I went up a little hill and go about 50 feet and felt the tire going down quicker so I hurried to get it in a good position to change the tire just as I got it in place the back end of the driver side fell down. I thought wow this is a serious blow out.
So I jumped out into the 10-degree weather to inspect the damage. As I looked at the tire it was still inflated so I though gosh I have a broken axel. Then a looked again at it and saw that my wheel just popped off. The 3 of the 5 lug bolts were sheered off and the remanding 2 had no lug nuts. I stood there in amazement. So I called Chrissy who was just a bit ahead of me and she came back to my aid. Then I remembered that I had a floor jack in the back of the truck from changing the tire earlier. So I jacked it up and say the damage the tire was fine but the bolts and the rim we damaged.
So I said to Chrissy well were going to need to get it towed. She said well call AAA I said well were going to have to pay because I used our last tow a few months ago with a breaking issue on the truck. She said hey it’s a new year. I said but our card renews at the end of January. So I called and the girl said Mr. Hunter this is your last tow for the year. Good thing you only have 2 weeks to go until you renew. I asked are you sure? She said yes sir. I was like okay thank you. The tow truck came and figured out if you take a lug from the two fount tires you can reconnect the wheel that popped off and get the truck up on the roll back.
So in the truck on the way to the garage I started to count my blessings. It was crazy that I stood looking at the wheels and felt like there was something wrong. Then that I was so close to the parking lot that I could get into and that, the wheel popped off just as I got stopped. If I was on an express way going 50 miles an hour it could have been disastrous for Silas and me. Or if the wheel dropped off, as I was turning or just in the road I would have caused another accident because the roads were slippery.
Today I heard that life is full of coincidences. And the best explanation is the God wanted to be anonymous. Well I know that God was with us on this trip home.  Some times its so easy to see Gods hand in things and others it’s not so obvious. The fact is that God is always with us and things will turn out good. Perhaps things are not enjoyable or easy but good. In the book of Romans 8:28 says: “that we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” So though all these bad things happened its all good. I may never know the purpose but that’s okay. God gave me another day to live and to experience His love and be a witness to His unfailing love to us. 

Just thinking

This past week I needed to have my Children’s Ministry resource room moved. Let me describe one of the three rooms we occupied. In this room we had 4 bakers carts filled (overflowing actually) then 2 other shelving units just as big and full. Not so bad?  Not so… we also have a small clothing rack for costumes that was not holding up due to the abundance of costumes. Did I mention the 6 trashcans full of props?  And any other useable space filled with props. This room was full but not horribly messy just what I would say manageably disorganized.  I’m not the greatest organizer but this needed done and I decided that with this move would come new fresh organization.
After some convincing (me being convince that they could handle the move) one of our families that supports my ministry a ton took on the initial move. They move everything to one room across the church to be sorted. This room was close to where the new resource room would be. Everything was moved in one night. But if I thought I had a mess before WOW! It was an understatement now. No fault of anyone person. The realization that we had more than we needed was in my face. This was so cluttered that I was not even able to make the piles to sort. After moving some things around and quick purging and a trip to Wal-Mart for storage containers. I was able to start. It seemed to take hours but with encouragement from staff and leaders I moved forward. I made a toss pile, a keep pile, and a long-term storage pile. The next day I had tons of help packing, sorting, organizing, and labeling. You got to love the Dymo labeler!
With in one week we moved and condensed 3 areas that we considered to be all our resources down to 2 rooms the size of the one original room. Everything is labeled and easily attainable to those who need it for their ministry on the weekend.
Going forward we will have a request sheet and supply boxes that will be filled with the supplies requested. Ready to be pick up by the date needed. Then after the services are over the boxes will be due back to the room for clean up and redistribution and inventory.  Hopefully this will minimize the supply scatter and disorganization.
But wow what a task! Thanks to everyone who but their time and sweat and tears into this project!
I was thinking sometimes this is just like our lives. We collect and hold on to things over the years. It could be it possessions or habits or even priorities. Whatever it is we need to take time to step back and clean out the resources room of our lives. Some we need to just trash, others we need to hand over to another person to handle. Then you have some you want to keep ready to use at any moment. Yet, those hard ones we so want to cling to we need to turn over to God, to help us put them into the right area. I can’t help but think of the prayer of Jonah 2:7-8: “Those who cling to worthless idols 
 turn away from God’s love for them.
We need to organize our lives and reprioritize. So the things that God has given us to use to give Him glory we can tap into quickly and easily with out being tripped up but junk clogging up our lives. So don’t wait start to clean out the clutter!

I’m Home Sick

How is it that you can be home sick for a place that is not your home? Its’ been 5 days now that I have been back in the states and I’m feeling like I have lost a part of myself. It’s a very confusing feeling to have. Everything around you is moving at its normal pace and nothing has really changed. Inside in my heart or spirit I feel unrest like I have left something behind that completes my being. Its almost like I’m watching a movie play out in front of my eyes. It’s weird. I have been on 4 mission trips now and never before have I felt like this. It’s the usually the disappointment of the way I have not managed God resource as well as I should have. It’s not even the “oh I can’t wait to go and help more people with their physical needs”. It’s deeper than all these things. This is not even a longing to be in Honduras. (Though I would like that) This is a deeper thirst I think it is a deeper level of being with God .
This past year on this trip I struggled through out the week feeling like I didn’t have a place. I didn’t fit in with the team and if I did I didn’t really see it.
Before we came on the trip I had been battling with a feeling that of being anxious. I thought it was about the money that we needed to raise for the trip. I knew we needed to pay the Ministry that we were going with before we came. We still owed less than half the money. Our mission ministry at our church heard of the struggle and floated a loan that we need to pay back. This made the trip possible. Still I had this feeling. I thought it must still be the debt. I told myself when we get to Honduras it will go away I will be focused at the task at hand. Well it didn’t.
Then the confirmation that I needed to preach on Sunday night came. I thought wow I’m really going to preach here. How cool is that! It never occurred to me that the anxious feeling might be something trying to distract me from the message I was to deliver. After I preached it was really cool the feeling had left me. Why? Well, I know why and some of you do too.
I thought okay, that is over but then this feeling of not belonging hit me. So I did what I thought was best. I know when God tells you to do something you need to do it so that was the attitude I had all week. I was doing whatever I could to bring God glory. Weather its moving boxes, crowd control or twisting balloons.
Late in the week it really was made clear this week was not about me serving the needy of feeding hungry. This was about time I needed to spend with God. He took me out of the country to a place where he could have my undivided attention to spend time with me.
Looking back I see that God made sure that I was not alone in this walk but really gave me a brother to sit with me and share with me in this time of growing closer to Him. You see my friend Johnny that I have talked about was with me most of the week. Yes I had my wife and kids too. But this was different and even Chrissy recognized this. Johnny speaks a few words of English and I only a few Spanish words. So when we were together the conversation was not deep to the normal on looker perhaps it was comical to watch us. But we would sit in the hotel lobby or on the bus silent. Once in while I would hear John say thank you Jesus or I love you Jesus. Johnny knew how to live a life that God was in every second of his day. In this time God was teaching me how to be still and know that he is God. It seems whacked to me but to God I know its not 1Corinthians 1:27. Johnny knew how to do this.
So now that I have had time to process some of what I experience. I can confidently say that this home sick feeling is not for Honduras but that of being with my God. So there is only one remedy for that and that is to make more time for God in my life a lesson that is not easily to put into practice. This is more than a devotion time it’s more of a way of life. Yielding my will to His.
As a minister I may know how to do ministry but it’s another thing for God to use you to minister.
I have my pics from Honduras now linked to this blog.

I hope you will be home sick too!

the day I will never forget

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Okay day 6 in Honduras. The final day I said yesterday was the best day in 3 years. Well God has a way of just messing with me because yesterday was great but today was just amazing!
Last night I was up late packing everything and making sure we had everything ready for our visit with our Compassion girls. We had to make sure we were packed so we could load the bus quickly when we got back from our visits so we could go eat supper at the camp and then go to church then to the airport. At least that was our plan.
So I ended up in bed around 1:30AM but the good thing was I didn’t need to get up until 6:45 this was good! We needed to pray at 7:45 then eat and meet the girls at 9. So, that all went to plan. Until prayer when Dick got a call from our Compassion representative we were now meeting at 9:30. This was still good. As we waited I felt like I we were when we were having our kids. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would say when I met the girls. I have prayed for them for so long and this was so big! Finally a van pulled up and a man go out and walked over to us he said Hi I’m Alexis with compassion are you the Hunters? I said yes he said are you ready to go? We asked what we would be doing so we could have everything we needed. So he went over the itinerary with us and it sounded good. We would close the day with giving our gifts to the girls that we brought.
He said you ready to meet the nina’s? We said yes! So we went around to the side of the van and he pulled back the door and out jumped Ismarial (Alex). She ran to me and gave me such a big hug and said I am your compassion child! I could not hold it together the tears started to flow and I looked at Alejandra and she smile a shy smile and gave me a hug then before I knew it I was surrounded by flashing cameras. I had so many questions for them but we needed to go. We were traveling to San Pedro Sulu to spend the day at a huge mall. It was going to take about 45 minuets to get there. So we were off in the van. Our translator was the driver so it was a quite ride there but when we arrive. We located a food court and all sat down to talk. Alex’s caseworker had a huge file on her. It had all the info on her accident, our letters, and medical records. It had pictures of her recovery and surgeries. She showed us pictures of the project she was involved in. It was just so amazing. We then learned about Alejandra and her family. She was 11 she was just so pretty and had the most wonderful smile. She loves to play ball and her favorite food is chicken and pizza. She was very shy. Her mom just graduated to become a nurse. She got a call today saying she god a job and was to start tomorrow. What praise! Her dad is a truck diver. He texted her Mother to say how thankful he was that we wanted to meet his daughter and all we do for her and the family. That was very cool!
  Alex was so full of joy and full of life! She loved to take pictures with the digital camera and look at them. She would giggle at the pictures she took. She showed us pictures in the projects scrapbook of children’s day and pointed out al the events that took place on that day.
We then took time to take tons of pictures with the girls. We decided to take them to the arcade to play a few games. The girls ran into the area laughing and excited this was the first time they have been to a mall. This was a big deal! We all agreed it was time to get something to eat so the girls decided on Pizza Hut. Something is different about the pizza there I’m not sure what but man it was good. Maybe it was just the company we had with us. Each of the girls were given a balloon sword like the ones I made all week they loved the balloons. During lunch we asked if the girls or the families needed anything clothes, shoes, food. They said shoes so we said no problem so we said after lunch we would take care of it. So we went to a shoe store close by but there was nothing suitable for the girls so we went to another store and found shoes for then it was like we gave the girls the best present ever! Alex danced around in her new shoes she just had to were them out of the store. Her mother wanted to know if I liked them? She then showed me where she had surgeries to help straighten her leg again. This is when I found out that she is going to have surgery again September 7th one month from today. This is to help again with her leg and Walking she walks well now but needs to have the leg straightened so she can have better mobility. I asked if there was anything else that they needed Alejandra’s mom said a blouse would be nice so I told then to get one. They couldn’t find anything there so we went to another store. I don’t like shopping but this was a blast! We moved to the next store this was cool kids store that had a lot of current clothing for kids. The girls each picked out pants and a shirt then Chrissy made sure they had underwear the girls put the clothes on to make sure they fit and then we a had a little fashion show in the store the girls walked up the aisle and spun around like models. They were so beautiful not because of the clothes but because of the joy and love they had it just poured out of them. When everyone else was looking at the underwear I called Alejandra over to a rack of hats I saw her looking at them earlier and cold tell she wanted one but did not want to ask. So I asked her do you like these in my best Spanish then asked her to choose one. I asked do you want it? A huge smile appeared and she jumped up and down she put it on and ran and showed her mom. I had Alex pick one too. This was so much fun! We ended the mall trip with Chrissy buying heart necklaces for each of the girls with their names inscribed on the front and ours on the back she also had one to mach for us. They thanked us and gave big hugs and kisses. It was time to go back to the hotel. We needed to be back by 4 so we could stay on schedule. So we started back 25 minuets into our trip we had a flat. Alexis and I got the tools out and then discovered the wheel cover was wire tied on and we had no knifes or scissors to cut it we found some metal (God provided) and got it off then the lug nuts w on so tight I think the tire had never been changed. Alexis tried no go then Ben. I thought these guys are both big and strong. What can I do? So I remembered Rick telling me a story of asking God to give him the strength of Samson. So I asked and took the wrench and placed it on and one squeak and the came off with hardly any effort it seemed to me. I remember hearing a gasp and wow. And off they came. God is so awesome (God Provided). Then the jack was missing a piece so we couldn’t use it I thought if only we had a floor jack. Just then a cabby stopped and asked if we needed help we said we needed a jack and went to his trunk and pulled out a floor jack. (God provided again). This was amazing! We made it back in time we were able to give our gifts do a video interview and say our good byes. It was such a good day.
We went to supper then to church and off to the airport. After we took a team picture we the Illinois team said there good byes and we went to the ticket counter. We were standing in line when I turned around and there was Johnny standing in our circle. I don’t know where he came from but he stayed with us until we had to go through security we prayed for him and went through security. Time to go home.
I have pictures coming to facebook very soon and some video too

Best day of all my trips to Honduras! Blog day 5 Honduras 2010

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Day 5 in Honduras. Today was home visit day this when we go to a family of the church that we are serving at to see what everyday life is like. For the last three trips this has been an eye opening experience and usually the highlight of the week. So I could not wait today for us to get to the church and get the food out to the people so we could go and spend time with our host family. So much for what I thought God had other plans.
Well after waking the kids I came back over to our room and Chrissy was not feeling well but she said that she was not going to miss today. So she took some Imodium and just after she did that it hit me we weren’t really sick we just had to go a lot if you get my drift. So I did the same as Chrissy and hoped for the best. I thought I will drink so much water that it will not effect me that badly. I ate some breakfast then we were off to load food boxed and to the church. I rested on the way there laying over some of the worn cardboard clothes boxes looking out the window. I was thinking how blessed I was to be able to make a trip like this with our whole family two times.
As we pulled up to the church I recognized it right away we were here on my first trip. I looked a Donna and said do you remember this place she said yea. I said this is where I met Carla. Carla was a little girl about 10 yrs old. She sat in the back of the church crying by her self so I went to her and prayed with her. Afterwards she stayed close by to me. I have prayed that God would be with her and bless her over the years.  I said to Donna I wonder if she will be here? So once we got the bus parked I found the restroom and took care of all the water I had drank. Then I went in to get ready for service. I looked around at all the faces but didn’t see any one I recognized. We did our songs and Puppets. Oh yea Silas and Trent and Michel had a dance off of sorts too. Silas’s water sprinkler was funny but Trent’s John Travolta Saturday Night Fear move was hilarious.
Donna shared her testimonial and I thought Estella would never have a chance to translate because there was only one mic and once Donna got stared she just kept going and forgot about the translators. Honesty I think she thought she was speaking in tongues. I’m just kidding. But afterwards we gathered around the kids to pray for them I was feeling spent last day not 100%. So I decided to just give it al to God. So after the prayer the pastor wanted us to come up ad be prayed for then they changed their minds. We went out in among the people and prayed I had two kids by me a boy on the left and girl on the right we started to pray and I felt God just totally refresh my energy and renew my mind it was a great feeling. The stomach thing just left. After the prayer I looked to my left at the girl and saw that she was still praying a crying as she prayed I stood close to her and started to pray with her the more I prayed the more she clung to me burring her face in to me. When I finished I looked up at Dick he smiled and understood what I was feeling. This was a cool experience to have a child like this just hold on to you. I looked down and gently picked up her face and looked her in the eyes. I asked what is your name but before she could say I knew. This was Carla. I was very excited I asked if she remembered me praying for her she said she thought so. And Gave me a big hug and hung on to me. I introduced her to my family because I had talked about her before. I told her I had been praying for her. The biggest smile came across her face. She asked if she could stay with me while I was there and I said sure. She then introduced me to her mother and sister. We got our picture taken and I gave it to her she was showing everyone. She stayed really close the rest of the time I was there. When we had to say good-bye I told her that I would pray for her. She said she would do the same for me. This was an awesome day better that I expected.

We did our home visits and it was very cool. The guy that was at the house we went to had baby toucans one decides to fly into Ben he freaked! But we have it all on video. I will be posting it to youtube very soon. I very tired and need to get rest. Tomorrow we meet our Compassion International children and spend the day with them shod be Great! Can’t believe the week is almost over though it went way to fast. Check our the pics more will be coming soon. 

Check Out What God Can Do With Small Things! blog day 4 In Honduras

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Day 4 in Honduras. I was surprised today when we were leaving to go out to the distribution site Johnny and his son Benjamin came as well as José Won Ramón son. These kids have become very important to our family so it was great to spend time with them.
Today our team did something that no other team has done in the history of  F2F. At least that was what I was told we did a mountain distribution like other years but this one we had to cross a river! Bid deal right? Well we did this not by going over a bridge in the bus or walking in. I have done both before. No not going through the water with the bus either. We took 35 food boxes with approximately 16 boxes and suitcases and stereo, generator and puppets and stage all across with us. All by a boat. Okay not a big deal did I mention all the rain lately and the river was swift and swollen. Still not bad for a big boat right? We our boat was a 15-20 foot rescue pontoon raft. It carried about 8 people at a time. Still not bad. But this raft was missing one thing a motor. It had a wire going from one side of the river to the other with a rope on a pulley to hold the boat in place. The boat went from heading straight across the river to fighting the current with quite a wave some times curling over the bow of the boat. We would load the boat and send it then it would come back for more the first of us to cross was Rick and Archy. It was so cool to see the Honduran people come down and move everything up a path to a fresh cleared spot for us to do the distribution. Once were all were safely over we started. The speaker today was none other than my Silas my 11-year-old son. He was nervous but he did a great job he presented the gospel message to over 80 kids and adults. He told how God created everything perfect and it was good until we disobeyed God. He said that’s called sin. As he was explaining it all he used water to represent God and man and then Iodine for sin. Explained sin makes us not pure any more we were no longer like God. So he added iodine for each sin he mentioned which made the water very dark. He than explained the plan God had with Jesus to save us form being separated from God forever. He used bleach as Jesus and made the iodine disappear the kids gasped when it just was instantly gone. He continued to tell them that this is how is with us and we could have Jesus save us to if we made him Lord of our life and turn from our sinful life. And obey all his commands. He did a great Job! My friend Clark then followed him. Clark did great but was almost overshadowed by the amazement of a kid giving a witness to the Lord. Here in Honduras Kids are to be seen and not heard. So this was a huge deal for Si and the children to have someone like Silas do this.
The after noon we had 90 boxes to distribute and the church was very small no fans and very very Hot. It was surprising that we didn’t loose anyone in there to the heat. I met so great kids and had some fun with twisting balloons.
Another high light was with my friend Archy. Three years ago I gave him a balloon pump and a bag of balloons. I showed him how to make a dog, sword, heart and a hat. Today he wanted to show me what he could make. He was so proud and he should be. He can now make snails Octopus’s, fish and hammers. It was very cool. To see someone take what you have given them with no expectations and make huge impact for God with it. He is also doing puppets too. I gave him one small puppet I brought that year too. Now he has a stage and 5 puppets. He is using all this to do children’s ministry. God is so Awesome! I never would have imagined. Just think of the lives changed forever just because he was blessed with the tools he needed to do God work. Crazy! Check out the balloon creations on my facebook. They are really amazing! Thanks for the prayers!

day 3 in Honduras "I got peeed on!"

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Day 3 in Honduras. Today Chrissy gave her testimony it was really good. But very hard. Today we started out going the a river village called the silver bridge. This is one of the poorest villages in this community. They have tin huts for houses and dirt floors. The last few days it has rained hard and the river is up. This is where they bath and  wash clothes. But also the water makes lots of mud in the huts this is not good living conditions at all.
We did our distribution out side we were praying that it would not rain. We prepped for like 45 people and ended up having over 6o families. I cannot tell you of the extreme poverty in this place.
A funny story. Something happened that never happened to me before. I was watching our drama and I was at the back of the crowd when I felt like something was wrong. I looked down and there was a dog standing there using me for his tree. He was going right on my leg a yelled at it and shoed it away. I count believe it.
Well besides that I waited until we had the line in order to start making balloons for the kids but until that point I was lost. Everyone had a job to do. I tried to help Chrissy but I don’t know enough about women’s clothes. Once I was able to start I had to go down the road away from the distribution so not to distract the kids in line. The first kids we amazed at having the balloons. On boy came up and asked for a perro a dog. So I made him a dog once I gave it to him his eyes lit up and had the biggest smile you could imagine and he said thank you and took of running he was jumping and running as fast as he could with the balloon held up as high as he could. He ran telling everyone he could about his dog.
This never gets old or stops breaking my heart. You want to give all you can but that’s not enough. I hope and pray that they understand the message of love and hope we bring to them about Christ. He is there only hope! They have no plan b. they don’t have back-ups to fall on just each other and they all are in the same situation.
The afternoon was hard because of the energy level of the team we all were worn out but as soon as we got off the bus it was like God super charged us to go on further than we though we could. There were tons of kids at this site. It started to rain when we started our program then when we were wrapping it up it dye off  and quit all together. It was like God said Ok that’s enough my children need to work now. It was a very good day!
More pics on facebook if your not a friend of mine and want to see the pics request me. Please keep praying!

Day 2 or 3 whose counting? Honduras 2010

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Okay it’s Monday night we have had our first distributions today. As I have mentioned we went back to the church that I preached at last night for this mornings distribution. on the way to the site we were caught in traffic because of a body found along the road some one had been shot to death. This was not a great way to start the day but God has everything under control. We arrived and I was on the look out for Alex the little boy I had encountered 3 yrs ago. But I did not see him. We had great worship we put on a puppet show and had a skit. Today Phil Miller was up for testimony. He did a great Job of encouraging the people to life out their faith so that the kids that surrounded them could see Christ and come to have a relationship with Him. We handed out 57 boxes in 45 Min most of the time Tori and I were outside I was making balloon animals and Tori was painting nails of little girls. Everyone else worked in the distribution. Half way through it poured down rain Tori and I were in the start of it but avoided the heavy down pour. When it let up we went back out to continue balloons and  nails. I had so many kids around me pressing in and wanting a balloon or something.
After lunch we were told we had more time to play with the kids. I was very hot and incredibly tired I thought perhaps I would take a break and stay in the church and rest. Every piece of clothing was drenched from sweat and rain so sitting sill was good. Just then Chrissy came to me and said the kids want me to do balloons it was raining again so I sat on the steps in the bus and made animals and swords and what ever else I could think of.  I looked out the window of the bus and saw a boy the size I would think Alex would be. So as he came by I asked his name and his name was Alex but he didn’t remember me he acted like he did but didn’t want to say that he did in front of his friends. I am sure in my heart that it was him. So I pray that what ever has happened to him that God would draw him closer.
The next place we went to we had been there last year one of the boys came to me right away asking me to make balloons for them. I hadn’t even gotten my bag out. He  remembered me from last year. Then I came to fine more of the kids also remembered me form last year this was really cool. Well that’s it for now we have an early start so please say a prayer for us. New pics are on face book from the past days!

Honduras Mission Trip 2010 day 1 or 2 perhaps 3 I’m not sure?

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Okay so today is day two for our official trip. It’s Sunday. We arrived in Honduras about 12:05 and got through customs no problems at all we were greeted by our translator Obi at the gate and were able to go to the hotel. I was also so very surprised to be greeted by my amigo Johnny. Some of you have prayed for him this past year when he came into contact with 15000-volt wire and was electrocuted and close to death. I was so very good to see him walk over with a big smile and say “Hunter a so good to see you finally!” We were loaded the bus and saw our old friend Won driving the bus. They made a special trip just for us.
When we were loaded up it was close to 2Am. Chrissy and I talked to Johnny al the way the hotel when we got here we unloaded and found out there was no room but that didn’t matter to us we were just happy to be at the hotel. About 2:30 the guy from the front desk came out and said we had rooms what a blessing!  We all grabbed luggage and headed for the rooms Chrissy and I divided the kids up and had two beds available so we asked Johnny if they were staying to take the other group to the airport or going home for the few hours that they had left. They said they needed to stay and get the group off and to the airport. So we had them crash in our room with us but we needed to get them up in time to see the other team to the airport. 2 hours went by and up again saw the other team it was good to see Mary and Dennis and Ellie and Morgan. They said they had a great week! The bus lest and Johnny was still there so I told him to crash in our room until he needed to get up.
One thing you need to understand is that Johnny speaks, as much English as I speak of Spanish and that is very little. Trying to make sure I had alarms set was a trip! But we did it!
Saturday we got Johnny off and sorted our bags and took it easy. Right before lunch a man who needed surgery on his knee and had terrible back pain came to us for prayer. His name was Jose he wanted Jesus to heal him. He believed if we prayed he would be healed. He also shared that he walked a few miles to get here and that his family has only had rice to eat for the last 30 days. We prayed with him and gave him some food for his family. He was so grateful and seemed to be feeling better.
We ate lunch and got ready to go get the rest of our team from the airport. When they arrive one of the girls was having a problem with her passport to make a long story short she ended up having a custodian guard of the counter escort her to the hotel and she would have to leave the county in the morning. We prayed and prayed for Gods favor but it didn’t look good. The rest of the team lost their luggage and had only what the brought. What a day!
Sunday we got up went to have breakfast with Johnny and his family and hear his testimony at the end of breakfast we finally got word that something happed with the passport with the officials and lawyers and Sammy got to stay! Praise God! We then had do intros and learn a program for the distributions go to the airport and get everyone’s luggage then go to church. Did I mention I had to preach at church here? I preached on Dut 6:4-10 the church was so crowded that people we in the doors and window listening. We had one woman make a decision and planted lots of seeds. The coolest thing for me was that this church I had gone to three years ago and when I was there I had a little boy want me to go home with him and stay after saying couldn’t do that he asked when would be back? I said I don’t know he then said if you listen to God you will be back! I looked for Alex but didn’t see him. But I listened to God and I came back perhaps I will see him tomorrow when we do a distribution there. Pics will be coming soon. Keep watching till then thank you for the prayers!

Day 6 in Honduras

Day 6 has been very hard. Today we made a trip to the mountains this was just amazing. We loaded all the boxes and giveaways into 4×4 trucks and piles everyone in to the other trucks and up the mountain we went. The ride up was bumpy to say the least the rain had cut huge ruts in the road. As we traveled up the steep inclines the view was spectacular. We tried not to look over the side of the road because it was a huge drop. When we reached the distribution we were almost to the top. We got out of the trucks and started to mingle with the people they were so friendly and happy to have us there. The distribution was at a small two-room school. The kids couldn’t wait to get out to us. When they did we were mobbed. As I was handing out the bracelets I had I looked over at Chrissy and the kids were all around her with their hands out for the little toys and jewelry she had. The kids don’t get things like this so this it a huge deal. After we had our service and unloaded the trucks I went outside the gate to do balloons. I’m so glad I learned the word for line up! They lined up and waited patiently for their balloons. Ben brought out the evengiball and they had Obi one of the translators come out so I could tell the gospel message to people who were not in for the service. There were to boys about 13 who made commitments. I gave the ball to Ben and they were off to play soccer as I went back to making animals. When everything was over I was called into the fenced area for lunch. It is so very hard to eat a sandwich when people who you know have not eaten or have little food in their homes are pressed against a locked fence watching you eat. Chrissy and I couldn’t do it. I found Chrissy over by the fence talking to a lady who didn’t get a food box. Just as I was going to call to her she got Angelica then she went to Denny. She ran over to the packed up suitcases and emptied one with a small amount of clothes. I asked what she was doing? She said I’m giving this away to someone who needs it. Some of the group didn’t understand what she was doing. They were a bit short with her because of empting a suitcase. They had already sorted and had ready to go back to the warehouse they didn’t realize the God moment that was happening. She took the empty suitcase and handed it over the fence to the woman she had been talking with while everyone else was eating. The woman’s face lit up with a huge smile Marney said wait I need a picture this was my son’s suitcase. I think she was happy to give it away. After that Chrissy tried to fix her small mess by neatly folding the close and placing them in a suitcase that had similar clothes in it. Only to be told that was the wrong one to put them in and there was nothing to use now. Someone found a box and said here. I’m so amazed Chrissy kept her composure very well though she was extremely upset that people missed what took place. I took her to a privet place and we talked as we sat. We were greeted by Susanna who was beautiful we talked and held her until it was time to move on.
Next our family went on a home visit we were the last group to go out. The home we had was the furthest up the mountain it was very small just a bit bigger then one of our shed in out yard. Three people lived here. They were very poor they had absolutely nothing. They had come to the church for a while but stopped. They were not Christians. We had a hard time communicating with them Chrissy knows some Spanish but not enough. The same was with Griffin who was sent to translate. They did their best. Chrissy and Tori ended up giving their shoes to the family. A lot happened so I will write more later but for now I have to go.
My pain seems to have gone thank you for your prayers! God is so good!